Right-wing Drudge Report pushed Clinton’s impeachment in the 90s, but now turns on Trump

  • 10/10/2019 1:30 pm ET Elizabeth Rogers with Dara Brewton & Joe Romm

'Criminal and impeachable': Right wing Drudge Report turns on Trump 1

The impeachment inquiry process is continuing to progress and so is the media coverage, with right-wing media outlets generally supporting the president. But one of the most popular conservative media outlets, the Drudge Report, has begun to significantly change their reporting.

Matt Drudge, a long-time supporter of Republicans, jumped on the Trump train early and has been a strong supporter ever since. Yet, after the impeachment inquiry was announced by Nancy Pelosi, the Drudge Report has seemed to defend the President less and spotlight the harsh criticism more—something that he hasn’t really done in the past.

While Matt Drudge hasn’t announced that he is pro-impeachment, his recent coverage has said otherwise. A recent headline from the Drudge Report website called Trump’s recent behavior “criminal and impeachable”.

On Thursday morning, Drudge was running a huge banner headline, “FOX SHOCK: 51% WANT TRUMP REMOVED,” linking to the remarkable poll Fox News just did showing record support for Trump’s impeachment by the House and removal from office by the Senate.

The right-wing media plays a big role in maintaining Trump’s support among his base. So when an influential conservative media outlet shifts the way that they are covering Presidential updates, people notice.

Many conservatives have been outspoken about Matt Drudge’s major shift, stating that he needs to come home. Some, including Jerome Corsi — whom CNN labels “a prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist” have gone even further, saying that he’s lost his mind or become a leftist hack beating the impeachment drum. Corsi even tweeted, “@Drudge has sold out to Left. RIP DRUDGE.

Although the Drudge Report has shifted the way they headline about the President, nobody from the outlet has spoken out saying that they are for or against the impeachment inquiry. In fact, they’ve refused to comment on the topic.

Reporting on impeachable offenses isn’t new territory for the Drudge Report. Those old enough to have witnessed the Clinton impeachment may remember that it was Matt Drudge who broke the Lewinsky story back in 1998  after it was killed by Newsweek.

But Drudge is generally a reliable promoter of right wing misinformation. Indeed, it’s long been known for mocking climate change.

“Matt Drudge, the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, has a history of seeking to undermine climate change,” explained the Washington Examiner in a July story about the launch of this very website, FrontPageLive.com, which is designed to be, in part, an antidote to Drudge.

“The Drudge Report treats climate change in a mocking and skeptical fashion,” the Examiner added.

But in the case of Trump’s impeachment at least, Drudge appears to br treating Trump in the mocking and skeptical fashion.

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