Lindsey Graham challenger Jaime Harrison just keeps breaking SC fundraising records

GOP panics as Lindsay Graham challenger breaks record

Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison broke a record in fundraising in the race against his opponent, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). He raised the most money of any South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate.

Harrison and his campaign raised $2.1 million in the last quarter, breaking the previous record of $1.5 million — a record his campaign also set.

According to the Daily Kos, the GOP is panicking as Graham’s opponent gains more traction. Newsweek called Harrison a “formidable democratic challenger.”

And McClatchy notes there is “a path for Harrison if Trump tanks.” Graham’s campaign is now shaking donors for more money.

Graham has a low approval rating in South Carolina, one that is also breaking records. The current Republican senator is at 35% approval rating, the lowest ever for an incumbent.

In the latest poll, Harrison trails Graham by a small margin of 7 points, according to Change Research. Much of Harrison’s donations come from small donors, unlike Graham’s donors. Harrison received 60,000 individual donations, with the average being roughly $26 per person.

Harrison raised $240,000 within the first 24 hours of his announcement to run for Senate.

Should Harrison win the election, it would usher in a historical first: South Carolina will be represented by two African American men in the Senate. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is also African American.

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