Bombshell: Rudy’s indicted pal has tapes—and repeatedly ‘overheard Mr. Giuliani speaking with the president’!

  • 11/25/2019 9:12 am ET Sunny Hundal
There were tapes too: Giuliani's Ukranian pal is singing to officials and causing trouble for Trump

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Not long ago, Rudy Giuliani and his two Ukrainian-American pals were laughing and joking together about their exploits, shamelessly sharing those videos on social media.

But as law enforcement officials have started investigating those links, the coming storm is causing trouble not just for Giuliani but the President himself.

On Sunday, ABC News reported that lawmakers were now in possession of audio and video recordings and photographs provided by Lev Parnas, one of those Giuliani associates, who worked with the President’s lawyer to claim there was dirt on Joe Biden.

It is not yet clear what the tapes reveal, but they won’t be comfortable viewing for the President. Mr. Parnas has agreed to cooperate with law enforcement after he was charged with criminal conspiracy and campaign finance violations a few weeks ago. He has also reportedly been annoyed that Trump claimed not to know him too well.

Also on Sunday, CNBC reported that Lev Parnas wants to testify that aides to GOP Rep. Devin Nunes called off a trip to Ukraine this year when they realized they would be required to notify Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

This might lead to an ethics investigation against Rep. Nunes. He claims that any report he was part of the conspiracy to dig up dirt on the Bidens is flat out wrong.

But that was not all.

Today, CNN is reporting that a top executive at Ukraine’s state-owned oil-and-gas company said Mr. Parnas was among those who boasted of their ties to Rudy Giuliani and the President while pitching their plan to change the company’s CEO and remove then-US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yavanovitch.

Parnas is also cooperating with law enforcement officials.

Why this matters

Mr. Parnas is now saying this wasn’t just about Rudy Giuliani, it was all driven by President Trump himself, in a statement to the NYT.

“Mr. Parnas reasonably believed Giuliani’s directions reflected the interests and wishes of the president, given Parnas having witnessed and in several instances overheard Mr. Giuliani speaking with the president,” the lawyer said. Mr. Parnas, he added, “is remorseful for involving himself and Mr. Firtash in the president’s self-interested political plot.”

According to Parnas’s lawyer, he worked closely with Rudy Giuliani for over a year to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter in Ukraine for the 2020 presidential election.

In other words, this criminal conspiracy went all the way to the top.

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