Polls reveal most Americans don’t like Trump, don’t want him to run again, and do want the Senate to remove him

  • 01/02/2020 1:57 pm ET Dara Brewton
Trump trial trouble: Right-wing media asked every GOP Senator about voting to remove Trump. Only 7 ruled it out

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Ringing in a new year did not improve America’s outlook on Trump’s presidency. The numbers have stayed surprisingly bad.

Of course, the die-hard MAGA fans are still standing by his side and eating up all the conspiracy theories Trump and Fox News are feeding them. However, other than that small group, the people don’t like Trump.

According to MSN’s Daily Presidential tracking poll, 55% of people support his removal from office and 57% think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

‘Shock poll’: Opposition to Trump’s removal plummets after House Impeachment

Source: MSN

The Economist/YouGov Poll that was conducted in late December dug even deeper. Trump loves to flaunt his friendship with President Vladimir Putin, but only 14% of the country considers Russia an ally.

Fox News, Republicans, and the President often spread “alternative facts” on who interfered with the 2016 election. Yet, half of the country agrees that it was definitely Russia.

Trump also believes climate change to be a hoax, but 66% of Americans are worried that “climate change will affect the world” a great deal.

But the real kicker, Americans don’t even like Trump as a person.

  • 47% have a very unfavorable opinion of the President
  • 40% dislike him a lot—and only 31% like him at all!
  • 53% think he is not honest
  • 51% don’t want him to run in 2020
  • 54% don’t think he “has the temperament to be the President”
  • 37% say he is a very weak leader
  • 56% think the way he uses Twitter is inappropriate

Ouch! Numbers like that have to sting.


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