‘Weakest year since 2011’: Trump crashes job creation to new 8-year low with disastrous trade war

  • 01/12/2020 12:52 pm ET Mackenzie Zlatos
‘Weakest year since 2011:’ U.S. job creation hits new 8 year low under Trump

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Trump is always bragging about the economy and how well it does under his administration, but that doesn’t count the slow in job creation.

According to data from the US Labor Department, 2019 has been the weakest year for job creation since 2011. Only 2.1 million jobs were added, and the 145,000 jobs created in December fell short of economists’ expectations.

Raw Story noted that Trump’s trade wars with China drove the manufacturing sector into a recession, where more workers were laid off.

Meanwhile, the numbers of those looking for jobs increased over the jobs that were created. This could indicate a slowing economy and might cause unemployment to spike in the coming year.

Total employment could fall below 2 million in 2020, which would be the lowest its been since 2010.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to push his economic success in a bid to gain voters. He calls the current condition of the market “the greatest economy we’ve had in the history of our country.” But the Daily Beast notes that most people are now working two jobs just to get by. “Wages are flat,” the Beast stated.

The Federal Reserve noted that 40% of families could not afford an unexpected $400 expense. Trump’s tax cuts allowed corporate profits to grow, but this did not trickle down to wage growth.

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