Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter believes father would be disappointed with voter purging efforts

  • 01/22/2020 5:16 pm ET Symphony Ragan

Photo: Youtube, Bernice King interview/Fox 5 Atlanta

In a recent Reuters interview, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., Bernice King, discussed the realities of voter suppression and its impacts on voter rights. During the interview, King expressed a belief that her late father would have been disappointed with strict voting ID requirements and voter purging efforts placed on those who have not recently voted.

King, who is chief executive of the Atlanta-based King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, stated of the matter, “You can’t take away someone’s right to vote just because they haven’t decided to exercise it,”

Recent Voting Purge Efforts

Efforts to purge voter rolls continue throughout the United States. Recently, Georgia officials purged 300,000 voters from rolls who had died, moved, or not voted since 2012. Opponents of the Georgia voting purge indicated that more than 120,000 people should have remained on the rolls. Similarly, there was an attempt to purge over 200,000 voters from rolls in Wisconsin, but an appeals court blocked the move.

Voter suppression efforts like these substantiate King’s claim that voter suppression in the U.S. is still “alive and well”

Bernice King’s efforts to help

On Monday’s holiday celebrating the iconic civil rights leader, the Center for Nonviolent Social Change spent its time registering and educating voters.

Key Quotes

“Change never happens just because,” Bernice King said. “There has to be a force behind that effort and people need to be involved.”

When you take people off the voter rolls because they haven’t chosen to exercise their rights, to me, is suppression.”


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