Trump, GOP to spend over $10 million to push racist voter suppression in time for election

Trump and GOP to spend over $10 million to restrict voting rights in time for election

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Trump and the Republican National Committee are planning to pump over $10 million more into legal campaigns to restrict voting rights in time for the election.

The massive war-chest is being assembled to meet legal challenges by Democrats across key battleground states.

The background

Democrats are learning from their huge setbacks in 2010, when President Obama’s mid-term defeat helped Republicans win over large swathes of local political machinery.

Republicans then set in motion a series of laws across the country to restrict voting, aimed primarily at African Americans.

Aneesa McMillan from Priorities USA recently told Politico:

“From 1965 up until 2009, it became relatively easier to vote in the United States. What you saw after the election of Barack Obama were these laws essentially targeting the folks who made up the Obama coalition.”

Democrat-affiliated groups have been setting up an infrastructure to fight voter-registration purges, ID requirements, and other rules. They have also been hiring ‘voter protection staffers’.

Republicans fight back

The Democrat initiatives have led to legal challenges in numerous states including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, and several others.

According to Politico, Trump and the RNC plan to join a legal challenge in Michigan as defendants against Priorities USA.

Guy Cecil, chair of Priorities USA says that they would “rather spend our resources on voter registration and education.” However, they aren’t going to back down from the fight that has been “brought” to them:

“We will not stop fighting voter suppression efforts until every barrier to the ballot box in our most vulnerable communities is torn down.

Want to help preserve voting rights for all Americans? The Brennan Center for Justice has several ways for you to get involved.

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