11 grifts by Jared Kushner—like making tens of millions from a Trump tax break he pushed

  • 03/12/2020 1:43 pm ET Shaan Chagan
American taxpayers are footing yet another Ivanka Trump trip. This time for Taj Mahal pics in India.

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A company Jared Kushner invested in, Cadre, was reportedly investing in Opportunity Zone projects offering tax breaks he pushed for in Washington.

This has sparked criticism that he was benefiting from his role in the White House.

A filing that was released on Monday showed that Kushner received permission to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of his stake in the company. The holding in the private company was worth $25-$50 million according to the financial disclosure he filed last year.

This isn’t the first time that Jared Kushner has been involved in sketchy matters. Here are 10 other times he crossed the line:

1. Weaponizing Data

Twitter highlights the consequences of the coronavirus on college campuses 2

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Kushner took over duties to head social media for the Trump campaign. In 2016, Kushner ramped “all data-driven efforts” and set up a data hub that worked closely with the controversial Cambridge Analytica.

They essentially weaponized data obtained from Facebook and other sources which gave them advanced metrics on where to spend their money on advertisements.

2. Getting aid from foreign sources

Trump joins with Putin in blocking UN Security Council statement opposing Turkey’s attack on our Kurdish allies

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It’s completely against the law for political campaigns in America to receive aid from foreign sources. It’s also against the law for private American citizens to negotiate a policy for the United States if they are not a representative of the current administration.

Kushner arranged campaign aid from a foreign power in exchange for the promise of manipulation of U.S. policy.

3. Meeting with a sanctioned bank

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In Kushner’s position at The White House, he is not allowed to do business with entities on the sanctions list. However, he had a very head-scratching meeting with Sergei Gorkov, head of the Russian bank VEB.

At the time, Kushner’s company was deep in debt and in hot water,  This is completely illegal for a member of the administration to do.

4. Lied to top security officials

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When Kushner looked to get top-secret security clearance that would give him access to top nation secrets, he was required to disclose all his encounters with foreign government officials over the last seven years. Well… he failed to mention all his Russian encounters, and never cited those meetings.

This is, in fact, a felony and carries a five-year prison term.

5. Paying off tabloids to prevent stories

Fake News Lies Fire Newspaper

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Trump has a longtime relationship with David Pecker, who owns AMI, the publisher of the National Enquirer. Kushner became the main point of contact to pay off these publishers to ensure stories of Trump’s infidelity would not come out before the election.

6. Giving the Saudi Crown Prince classified intelligence

Jared Kushner sells stake in firm, then benefits from tax breaks - and 10 other times he's crossed the line

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Kusher has a close relationship with Mohammad bin Salman, who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.  Kushner allegedly provided him with classified intelligence related to members of the royal family who opposed him. This eventually led to a purge of the disloyal in the Kingdom.

7. Let Jamal Khashoggi get assassinated

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The CIA had intelligence that pointed to a plan to abduct Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This intelligence was likely relayed to Kushner, given his close relationship with Mohammad bin Salman and the Saudi’s. If this is, in fact, the case, it was Kushner’s duty to warn Khashoggi, who was a U.S. resident at the time of the assassination.

8. Use his personal email for government matters

George Conway's hilarious list proves Trump has issues with Geography 9

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Believe it or not, Kushner used personal emails to conduct government business. This is pretty surprising since, as the head of social media for Trump’s campaign, he centered his political attacks on Hillary Clinton’s use of personal emails to conduct government business.

9. Wanted James Comey fired

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Although at the time, Trump’s top advisor Steve Bannon urged the president not to fire James Comey… Kushner disagreed. He was supportive of Comey’s firing and advocated for Trump to do it.

This raises questions that Kushner had something to hide in the Russia probe.

10. Bought his way into Harvard

Money Cash Dollars

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Daniel Golden reported in ProPublica in 2016 that Jared Kushner was suddenly admitted into Harvard after his father, Charles Kushner, pledged $2.5 million to the school. He bought his way in.

His high school teachers didn’t even think he was Harvard material!

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