Trump voices anti-Asian slur that his aide labeled ‘wrong’ and ‘highly offensive’

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President Trump’s insistence on calling COVID-19 “the Chinese Flu” is the kind of race-baiting speech that can lead to verbal and physical attacks on Asian-Americans.

Yesterday, he turned the volume up even higher with a racist dog whistle in an exchange with a reporter about the term “Kung Flu.”

Please repeat the ‘highly offensive’ phrase

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Earlier in the day, Kellyanne Conway had labeled the phrase “wrong” and “highly offensive,” but that doesn’t slow down Trump, who not only asks the reporter to repeat it but then repeats it himself!

Q:    — the “Kung flu” —
Trump:  Say the term again.
Q:    The — a person at the White House used the —
Trump:  No, just the term.
Q:    — term “Kung flu.”  My question is —
Trump:  “Kung flu”?

A teaching moment

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Richard Wong, executive director of the American School Counseling Association, responded, saying that it is difficult to teach children respect “when leaders not only condone but use inflammatory language.”

What about your friends?

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New York Times contributor Wajahat Ali notes that the racist term hits close to home for at least one Trump cabinet official, suggesting that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and her husband Mitch McConnell might not be on board with Trump’s word choice.

Show a little backbone

Trump voices anti-Asian slur that his aide labeled 'wrong' and 'highly offensive' 1

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But three years of silence and excuses have shown that the GOP is a spine-free zone. They said little and did even less when Trump incited violence at his rallies, insulted Gold Star parents, and paid off a porn star.

Trump Party

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The GOP is Trump’s party, and that means party members pretend not to notice Trump’s racism, even when the race targeted is their own.

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