Dethroning Moscow Mitch is up to these 10 Democrats running for Senate. Here’s how you can help them.

  • 03/23/2020 11:35 am ET Mackenzie Zlatos and Arielle Taramasco

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Four GOP-led Senate seats are currently at risk of being replaced with Democrat candidates, says a new poll by Public Policy Polling.

Arizona, North Carolina, Maine, and Colorado now have Democratic Senate candidates leading by at least 4% — showing that even Senators originally polled as safe for re-election are now scrambling to regain public approval.

Other senate seats are also at risk for the GOP. These include Kentucky, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Sara Gideon (Maine)

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Senator Susan Collins is being challenged by Speaker of Maine House of Representatives Sara Gideon.

Gideon is currently leading with 47% support to the four-term senator’s 43%, disrupting a previous poll showing Collins safe for re-election this year.

Collins has lost popularity after voting to acquit President Trump during his impeachment trial and voting to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Mark Kelly (Arizona)

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Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly is now at a five-point lead against Senator Martha McSally.  McSally was appointed to fill late Sen. John McCain’s seat despite losing her election bid in 2018.

McSally’s political stances against abortion access and gun control are at odds with Kelly this election season. Kelly’s wife, former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, was a victim of a mass shooting in 2011.

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Cal Cunningham (North Carolina)

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Former soldier Cunningham has a lead on current Republican incumbent Thom Tillis by 5%.

Cunningham previously ran for state senator and lost, but due to the changing voting landscapes and Tillis’ lowest ratings of any Republican senators seeking re-election, the Democrat has a clear chance of winning the swing state this year.

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John Hickenlooper (Colorado)

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Hickenlooper is seeking to unseat Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, and is currently leading by a 13% margin — the highest on the list so far.

Hickenlooper’s platform is running to support affordable healthcare access, combating climate change, and taking on Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader.

Gardner has sided with McConnell in over 90% of his Senate votes, particularly for the repeal of Obamacare and Medicaid funding cuts; something Hickenlooper has previously said hurts the people of Colorado.

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Jaime Harrison (South Carolina)

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A Democrat doesn’t usually have much of a chance in the Deep South, but Jaime Harrison, the Democratic challenger to Senator Lindsay Graham, seems to be riding a popular wave in South Carolina. The former chair for the South Carolina Democrat Party raised a whopping $3.6 million in the last three months of 2019.

Harrison points to Graham’s support of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 as the breaking point for him. “I can tell you as a black person in South Carolina whose grandparents grew up through Jim Crow, when you lose the courts and justice no longer becomes just, we’re in a world of trouble. And we are on the verge of that,” he said in a campaign speech.

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Amy McGrath (Kentucky)

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“We have a senator who is the epitome of the dysfunction, and we have a senator who simply rips up the Constitution whenever it furthers his political agenda,” said Kentucky Democratic candidate for the Senate Amy McGrath. The moderate Democrat has raised $17 million in campaign funds, according to the Kentucky Courier-Journal. She will be able to match Mitch McConnell dollar for dollar in the Senate race.

McGrath’s platform embraces climate change policies. Meanwhile, she wants to bring jobs back to desolated parts of Kentucky. “The first thing we need is infrastructure, folks no business is going to want to come to any county in Kentucky that cannot talk to the modern world,” she said in the Kentucky Democrat forum.

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Theresa Greenfield (Iowa)

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The primary candidate with establishment backing Theresa Greenfield is ready to take on Republican senator Joni Ernst. Ernst’s approval ratings plummeted by ten points since 2019, dropping from 57% approval to 47%.  It seems Iowa voters might be looking for an alternative.

A Democratic Super Pac invested $1 million in Greenfield to create an ad promoting her as the preferred candidate. Greenfield also leads the race in campaign fundraising.

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Mike Espy (Mississippi)

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In the scarlet red state of Mississippi, the Democratic challenger to a Republican incumbent outraised the incumbent in fundraising. Mike Espy, who is challenging Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in November, trails the Republican by single digits in approval ratings.

Espy, who was the first African American congressman from Mississippi since Reconstruction, wants to expand Medicaid and emphasize education for his state. “I’ve got the experience. I know what the issues are,” Espy said. “I think I’ve got the focus of the people,” he told the Clarion-Ledger.

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MJ Hegar (Texas)

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The frontrunner for the Democratic primary runoff, MJ Hegar is a seasoned military veteran who was the lead plaintiff in 2012 in a lawsuit that led the Pentagon to lift the ban on women in combat. She looks to challenge Senator John Corbyn.

“Your time is done because you’ve sold us out. .. It’s over. You’re fired. Pack it up buttercup because I am coming for your seat,” she said to Corbyn at a campaign event. She is for climate change policies and expanding Medicaid.

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Richard Ojeda (West Virginia)

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Ojeda, who was a Democratic candidate for president briefly, suspended his presidential campaign to take on a Senate race instead. He plans to challenge Senator Shelley Moore Capito in November.

Ojeda had previously voted for Trump in 2016 but became dissatisfied with the president’s policies. His platform includes taking on the opioid crisis in West Virginia and promoting jobs for coal miners whose livelihoods are at risk.

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Steve Bullock (Montana)

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The current governor of Montana announced on March 4 that he would run for his state’s senate seat, against Republican incumbent Steve Daines. Bullock made national headlines when he joined the packed Democratic race for the presidential nomination, only to drop out a few months later.

“I’ve always fought for the people of Montana. Together, we expanded health care, protected public lands, banned dark money in politics & more,” he said in a tweet.

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All in for Trump

Conservative columnist warns more Republicans may die from coronavirus than Democrats because of right-wing lies

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Many of the current GOP Senators have bet their re-election campaigns on their support of the Trump Administration.

Should Democrats flip the GOP-led Senate seats this year, it will lead to a larger proportion of Democrat Senators at odds with President Trump’s policies, should he be re-elected.

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