These are the groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice for short-term GDP growth

Here are groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice to save the economy

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Trump wants to send people back to work to kickstart the economy. But many think that the solution will make matters worse … like losing lives and a deeper economic crisis.

While he originally wanted to open things up by Easter, he announced on Sunday that the country should extend social distancing measures until April 30. He then made the outrageous claim that his administration will have done “a very good job” if the death toll is kept to 100,000 Americans.

Here are 10 groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice in favor of the economy.

1. The elderly

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With Trump on the cusp of sending Americans back to work… it sure causing panic and fear that this infection could worsen. This would place millions of Americans in danger including those who are at the most risk: the elderly.

Hospitals will get overrun and will cause the elderly to have limited access to health care. Resulting in more deaths. But apparently, old people are willing to be sacrificed

2. Our Troops

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Sending back people to work will likely put stress on the military. Recently, Trump ordered two hospital ships to be dispatched. They couldn’t because they needed extensive repairs and weren’t ready to handle the workload the president was asking for.

This will likely continue, As more of Americans get sick, the military will have to get more involved—putting more stress on them. Although, it isn’t surprising that Trump cares little for the sacrifices of the military since he once told troops in Afghanistan they were fighting for a good stock market.

3. Cancer patients

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Some of those 100,000 Trump deems acceptable to sacrifice including people currently battling cancer.

Hospitals will get overrun, materials will need to be used for coronavirus patients. Cancer patients will be more likely to die because of the lack of resources and personnel to help them.

4. People with pre-existing conditions

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Those with pre-existing conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease are going to be in increased danger as more and more people fall ill with coronavirus.  Even things like a routine check-up will become more difficult and dangerous.

5. Nurses

Here are the groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice to save the economy


Our nurses are experiencing severe shortages in personal protective equipment as they work on the frontlines to provide care to those who have contracted the coronavirus. As more and more people fall ill, nurses can expect their supplies to become even more scarce.

They are already on the brink of exhaustion as the numbers climb for cases of the coronavirus.

6. Doctors

Trump admin. sent health workers to receive infected Coronavirus patients without protective gear

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“We know the high mortality in older people, but for reasons that we don’t understand, front-line health care workers are at great risk for serious illness despite their younger age,” Dr. Peter Hotez, professor and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, said during an appearance on CNN’s New Day on Monday morning.

Doctors are suffering fatigue, dehydration, and other illnesses that are causing them to easily contract coronavirus making them sicker than usual.

7. Those who have already contracted COVID-19

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The U.S. is already facing shortages when it comes to ventilators. If we don’t continue to practice social distancing to flatten the curve, the mortality rate of those with coronavirus will jump.

Trump reportedly opposed aggressive testing because that would show a higher number of infections. The more numbers, the worse chance for him to be reelected, but also the more people unknowingly infecting others.

8. Blue-collar Americans

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Construction, restaurant, and other labor workers have lost their jobs. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed to record highs. Yet, Trump is still patting himself on the back for a job well done.

9. Other countries

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We are still lacking the ability to test quickly, and we currently lead the glob in infections. As we become the new epicenter for the disease, it will likely be Americans furthering the spread of the virus.

10. Health Care system

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The flu doesn’t normally create a demand for life-saving ventilators or protective gear for doctors and nurses. If those can’t be met, the health care system will take a huge hit financially and also risk people’s lives.

Hospitals are already struggling financially. If we follow the same blueprint as Italy, it could send the health care system into a shock and causing deaths to spiral and numbers of cases to climb.

Because our health care system has been pushed to the brink, in years to come the poor will suffer because our system could be broken and not provide enough care to Americans.

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