‘Catastrophic mismanagement’: Rep. Katie Porter’s damning report details how Trump chose money over U.S. lives

  • 04/09/2020 9:56 am ET Amy Penn

Rep. Katie Porter, after first pressing for free testing for the coronavirus for all Americans, is now exposing another threat in the time of a pandemic: Donald Trump and his administration.

On Wednesday, the California Congresswoman released a damning report titled “Everyone But Us: The Trump Administration and Medical Supply Exports.”

It details how Trump misapplied the Defense Production Act (DPA) and even lists receipts on how his administration mismanaged the nation’s supply of life-saving medical equipment, something that American people are currently struggling for in the face of COVID-19.

What does it say?

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While it might appear like the U.S. wasn’t prepared for the pandemic, according to the report, the Trump administration was making money exporting medical resources. “The value of U.S. ventilator exports jumped 22.7% percent from January to February,? it notes.

Aside from the ventilators, “In February 2020, the value of U.S. mask exports to China was 1,094% higher than the 2019 monthly average,” it adds.

One of the report’s key findings is that the overall value of these exports jumped 22.0%, from $155,806,378 to $194,345,276.

Export was driven by Trump’s policies

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On March 2, The New York Times wrote, “The Commerce Department advertised a change in Chinese regulations that would temporarily make it easier for American businesses to export medical products that are useful in battling the coronavirus to China, including protective gear, hand sanitizers and mask manufacturing machines.?

What does this report seek to do?

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The analysis comes at a time when many medical professionals on the front lines are facing a grave shortage of protective equipment. It’s forcing doctors and nurses to wear ski goggles and Halloween masks and make gear out of office supplies to protect themselves.

Rep. Porter wants Congress to hold Trump and his administration accountable for their “callousness” in protecting American lives during the pandemic.

Aside from that, she said that she has introduced legislation that calls for all DPA orders to be made public.

Rep. Porter earlier in March pressed the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, to make coronavirus testing free.

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