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Trump suggests we shoot up disinfectants. Twitter erupts.

Trump suggests we shoot up disinfectants. Twitter erupts. 1

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Trump has now suggested injecting disinfectants or using ultraviolet light to cure patients infected with the novel coronavirus. Most people don’t need a doctor to point to the insanity of these ideas: they just need Twitter.

In Thursday’s press briefing, the president mused aloud about the potential of disinfectants to cure those suffering from COVID-19,

“by injection inside, or almost a cleaning.”

It seems he has moved on from his dangerous touting of an anti-malarial drug that has not been proven to help coronavirus patients to the “tremendous” potential of “ultraviolet or just very powerful light.”

Not a joke

Trump looking out the window


While looking at William N. Bryan, Department of Homeland Security acting undersecretary for science and technology, Trump mused, “I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it.”

Scientists ARE rushing out after Trump’s latest televised foray into non-science, but it’s to save people from trying these dangerous notions, not to test his theories.

Doctors clearly object to these ideas

Here are the groups of people Trump is willing to sacrifice to save the economy


Doctors took to Twitter to voice their warnings.

No words needed

The Trump Olympics

Flickr/The White House

And some silent reactions were caught on camera.


Trump requests 1.25 bil. for coronavirus vaccine -- but won't promise its affordability


Twitter users theorize about what Trump has been shooting up.

Does sound like he’s on SOMETHING

Beer tap


What substance causes this kind of rambling behavior?

Even with the lights on.

Trump can’t even get his crazy theories right.

Trump Crazy Hair

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So obvious.

(That was sarcasm…don’t try this at home!)

Move over Tide pods

Trump suggests we shoot up disinfectants. Twitter erupts.


What will happen when people try this?

Has Trump tried this himself?

Obama prepared for a potential pandemic. Trump gutted his work. 1

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

It does sometimes seem like he may have.

Would any other president suggest this?

Trump blames Obama for coronavirus


Can you imagine any other president—past or future—coming up with this?

Don’t speak.

White House censors coronavirus briefing. Twitter implodes.


Here’s an idea, Mr. President. Keep it to yourself.

Meanwhile, in the real world…

Happy Earth Day, get online


While Trump is throwing spitballs, people are dying.

Here are some more great ideas

10 times Katie Porter has already killed it in 2020 4

Source: Canva

Twitter asks: why stop at disinfectant?

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