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‘Fox wanted you to die to save the economy’: Ex-Bush aide rips Fox, Trump for craven disregard of human life

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The senior editor for The Atlantic, David Frum, had some words of warning for America.

In a Twitter thread, the former George W. Bush speechwriter outlined the push from the Trump administration to re-open the economy. The push would put several thousand lives at risk. Assisted by places and outlets like Fox News, the plan became more deadly.

The entire purpose of Trump’s plan, said Frum, was to win the election in November. In the mind of Trump, the sacrifice of lives is worth the win.

1. A New Strategy

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A recent report about the White House’s new strategy was “ominous,” according to Frum. Trump and his administration were “indeed pivoting from its never-very-enthusiastic efforts to contain the virus to a new happy-talk “take the punch” strategy.

The report detailed the plan from the White House to “shift its coronavirus messaging” towards boosting the economy. The emphasis on health statistics would be lessened significantly.

2. ‘Political Calculus’

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Frum had initially talked about what he called the “Trump White House ‘take the punch’ strategy.” The plan, according to Frum, would be for Trump to spend effort “confining the casualties” to people that would be seen as “expendable.”

3. ‘A psychological coward’

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On a segment on MSNBC, Frum stated that “one of the things to understand about Donald Trump is that he is a psychological coward.” In Frum’s opinion, Trump is facing an election that might unseat him from the presidency. This is causing him to act on his own panic.

“They are moving towards a policy of ‘let’s take the punch.’ Let’s move forward, let’s re-open, and let’s see what happens,” he told MSNBC host Ari Melber.

4. ‘Who’s Looking Out for You?’

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Frum wrote about how Trump’s media made the people trust him through a methodology developed by former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “In 2004, Fox News’ then supreme star Bill O’Reilly published a book that urged Americans to identify ‘who really cares about you as a person — and who does not,’” Frum said.

O’Reilly represented himself as a voice for his people. This worked, according to Frum. “That O’Reilly self-presentation was a contrivance, obviously, and largely a fiction. But it contained enough truth — again, not for all people, but for *his* people — to sustain a whole cable news network,” he said.

5. The message that endangers lives

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Given that Fox News has survived on the message that their anchors and producers are “looking out for you,” the danger is worse, said Frum. The network’s number one issue has been “protection of President Trump’s ego and political chances,” even though this puts lives at risk.

For viewers to believe that Sean Hannity is looking out for them is ridiculous, said Frum.

6. ‘Fox wanted you to die to save the economy’

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Frum argued that while the message probably wouldn’t kill Fox News, the story might at least prod viewers into thinking. “But even if the viewers do not, those viewers’ children will. The dialogue will be repeated for years to come,” he stated.

7. ‘To save his re-election’

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Frum warned, “Trump is consciously choosing to risk higher virus casualties” in order to get re-elected in November. Somehow, the president is laboring under the delusion that by sacrificing the lives of the elderly and the immuno-compromised, he will be saving himself.

Frum asserted that this plan is “not very likely to work.”

8. ‘The human costs’

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Frum stated that it was important to remember that Trump could do something as insidious as ending people’s lives in order to win. After all, “the lives and troubles of other people are remote, incomprehensible.”

They were not as important as the angle of cheese on Trump’s hamburger.

9. No plans to isolate

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Overall, said Frum, four months into the pandemic, even though testing is taking place, there are no results from it. “The point of testing is tracing,” he said. “The point of tracing is isolation.” Unfortunately, no plans or orders were made to do either of those things.

“The plan is to reopen without — take the punch.”

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