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A Fox News interview on ‘#ObamaGate’ just boomeranged bigtime

Screenshot from a Fox News program

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Lawyer Bradley Moss was brought on Fox News to discuss ObamaGate, and the hosts had to quickly cut to commercial when they got a devastating response that they were utterly unprepared for.

Moss was asked for his opinion on the Trump administration’s faux scandal that they have branded ObamaGate. According to Daily Kos, “the basic premise that then-President Barack Obama illegally created an FBI witch hunt to illegally wiretap and entrap Trump’s criminal national security adviser, Michael Flynn, in a crime.”

In actuality, this is an imaginary crime as Moss makes clear by brilliantly boomeranging Fox’s question — and Trump’s own words — back onto the President.

The question

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream asks Moss:

“What do you make of this new—release of all of these transcripts, the notes we found the week before, texts, all kinds of things that now are raising a lot of questions for people about the Flynn prosecution AND the Russia investigation?”

The answer

Bream was not prepared for Moss’s scathing answer:

“Yeah, I’m sitting here trying to figure out what exactly constitutional deprivation was there? What is the crime that people think, you know, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to be  prosecuted under? To be clear—and this is using the words of President Trump and his lawyers for the last three years—any sitting president can get any classified information they want. According to Donald Trump, they can launch any investigation they want. They can tell the FBI to pursue only particular individuals. This is not me saying it. This is what Donald Trump’s been saying for three years.

This was their argument during the Mueller probe. This was their argument during the impeachment investigation. That the president has this kind of authority. So what did we find out? That Barack Obama was aware about intelligence intercepts on the Russian ambassador when he was talking with General Flynn? That there had just been an attack on our election a couple months earlier? We were still dealing with the fallout of Russian election interference in 2016. There was a concern about a counterintelligence prom with Michael Flynn, and they had a discussion.

I’m shocked. I can’t believe they had that conversation. What is the crime?”


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