Trump adds voter fraud to his long list of crimes!

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Voter fraud is only one of the many things Trump whines about daily — because life just has never been fair to the guy who inherited $400 million from daddy and parlayed that into six bankruptcies.

But, as far as voter fraud is concerned, the Donald is right on the money — he’s just been caught committing that very offense.

Lock him up!

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The president originally tried to register to vote in Florida, while simultaneously claiming that his “legal residence” was 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. If that address sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the White House, which, if you remember from history class, happens to be in Washington, D.C. — not Florida.

Little problem here: Florida requires voters to be legal residents of the state.

But this president is anything but a stickler for rules. A month later, he RESUBMITTED HIS APPLICATION using a Florida address and then voted by mail (another of his pet peeves when anyone but a Republican does it!) in Florida’s Republican primary.

Check out the registration form.

A tale of two cities

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Coincidentally, the voter application is dated Sept. 27, 2019 — the same day Trump switched his official address from Manhattan to Mar-a-Lago. However, he always wants to have things both ways. On one of his forms, he told Florida officials his “legal residence” was Washington, D.C., and on another form, he said he was a “bona fide resident” of Palm Beach.

Guess what? Even in Florida, that’s illegal. Residents that don’t provide truthful information may be subject to a fine and, yes, prison time!

In 1993, a restaurateur in Palm Beach was charged with voter fraud and jailed because he registered to vote in Palm Beach but lived in the adjacent town of West Palm Beach. The Donald’s two cities are 992 miles apart.

Chicago got Capone on tax fraud, wouldn’t it be something if the House of Trump fell because of his voter fraud?

‘I live in Manhattan!’

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That’s what Trump said to the gaggle of governors he spoke with about the nationwide protests of George Floyd earlier this week.

Spoiler alert: He’s lying again. As indicated above, he switched his official residence from Manhattan to Florida in September of 2019, which, if you know how a calendar works, is nearly a year ago.

Next time big Donnie cries about voter fraud, he should go do it in front of a mirror.

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