‘Donald Trump IS the snake’: Twitter crawls all over video that exposes our ‘venomous’ president

A photograph of a parade figure of Donald Trump wearing a "liar" sign.


In a new video, MeidasTouch intersperses Trump’s reading of a poem warning against taking in a poisonous snake with evidence of the president’s illegal activities and his own “venomous politics and ideology.”

Twitter users are going wild for it.

Trump is the snake

Twitter users get to the meat of the video: the GOP let Trump in, and we’ve all been bitten.

#MAGAts is getting traction

A photograph of maga hats

Screenshot / Business Insider

Trump is the snake, but a far more unpopular animal is being attached to Trump’s followers: the maggot.

And a word that is worse than any animal could be: racist.

Trump sure is good at reading the snake poem

The president does not usually seem comfortable reading from a script, but he’s pretty comfortable with the Snake poem.

Has the Trump snake made America better?

A photograph of Ronald Reagan

Gage Skidmore/ Flickr

Animal euphemisms aside, here is a simple question, right from the lips of a popular republican:

Plenty of rhymes about this snake

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who can recite poems.

Wait, didn’t the Bible say something about snakes?

A photograph of Donald Trump holding a bible standing in front of a church

Screenshot / YouTube

There may be more warnings about Trump in there than we thought…

He does hold the Bible like it’s burning him. It also seems strange that he chose the hand holding the Bible to be one of the few situations Trump is willing to wear any protective coverings.

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