Inept Trump team beaten by Netflix in trademarking ‘Space Force’

Side by side photo of the Space Force logo and Steve Carrell

Wikimedia / Screenshot

Netflix’s new original comedy “Space Force” didn’t just take inspiration from the Trump administration, it also snatched trademark rights out from under it too.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service “outmaneuvered the U.S. government” by securing trademark rights in Europe, Mexico, and Australia. While the Air Force does have a pending U.S. application, they do not have confirmed trademark rights here either.

These rights will likely only be an issue when both entities want to sell a cool Space Force t-shirt, but Netflix’s scoop gave Twitter plenty to laugh about.

Others names were offered

A blank nametag on a white background

Pixabay / BRRT

Twitter offered up a few suggestions on names the Trump admin could use instead…

Not that hard…

A photograph of Trump with Crazy Hair

Flickr / Scott Spiegel

There were some that didn’t think Netflix deserved ALL the credit.

Netflix gets all the love

A photo of a hand holding a remote pointing it at a TV with Netflix on it


There was a lot of love to go around for Netflix’s boss move.

Already defeated?

Close up photo of the space force uniform


Some Twitter users pointed out that the new branch of government already had its first defeat.


Americans benefit from socialism every day—here are 20 ways 3


What do you hear?

Another Onion headline?

A pile of onions


It’s getting hard to tell.

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