Twitter agrees—Democrats finally make a killer anti-Trump ad

Trump standing at a microphone

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Just ramping up the offense, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has released a new anti-Trump ad that lists his many failures and calls on voters to “end the descent” of the nation by putting Biden in the Oval Office. Twitter loves it.

The ad, which will run in battleground states, covers everything from the tax cuts to the trade war with China. Starting with footage of Trump’s descent on the elevator five years ago, the narrator says the President has “brought America down” with “failures driven by his own ego and self-interest.”



Not so patiently waiting

Flatlay photo of numerous clocks


Some Twitter users wondered what took the DNC so long to enter the ring. Biden and Trump are just months away from a showdown.

Dr. Fauci’s cameo

ABC News

Dr. Fauci’s appearance in the ad did not go unnoticed.

Don’t forget to vote

Man holding a sign that says "Register early to vote"

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While Twitter had plenty of praise for the DNC’s Biden ad, they wanted to make sure everyone remembered what was truly important: voting.

Looking out for Donald

Profile shot of Donald Trump

The White House

A few conscientious Twitter users wanted to ensure that the President got a chance to view the ad, so they tagged him just to be sure.

And his friends

Side by side photos of Graham, McConnell, and Collins

The Other 98%

One user didn’t want voters to forget about the rest of Team Trump that will also be on the ballot in November.

Suggestion box?

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People also offered a few ideas for the next one:

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