‘Can’t keep your polls up’: New Lincoln Project ad mocks Trump’s limp Tulsa turnout

'Can't keep your polls up': New Lincoln Project ad blasts Trump's limp Tulsa turnout

Screenshot / Twitter

The anti-Trump group, The Lincoln Project, put out another blistering ad. This time, they were mocking the dismal turnout at his Tulsa campaign rally.

Honing in on the fact that the MAGA attendees barely hit half-capacity for the arena, the narrator says:

“Hey Donald, your campaign manager told you that 1,000,000 fans wanted to come to your first big rally. Turnout in Tulsa? A Dud. You’ve probably heard this before, but it was smaller than we expected.”


Twitter users thoroughly enjoyed the mocking and managed to get in a few good burns of their own.

Worth it!

Woman holding money

Unsplash / Sharon McCutcheon

Users agree: a donation to The Lincoln Project is worth every dime spent. They are truly turning out some fire ads these days.

Having a bad week…

A closeup photograph of Donald Trump speaking in a rage.

Flickr / Marvin Moose

The president’s week just keeps getting worse! He is being slammed with brutal ads from all sides…and Twitter is not complaining.

Alternative numbers?

An incorrect equation on a chalkboard


Some users joked about the campaign’s bragging on the expected turnout. They even built an overflow stage preparing for the millions of people that were going to show…not knowing they were being trolled by TikTok teens.

Stormy Daniels has entered the chat

Christianity Today sees subscription spike after anti-Trump op-ed

Screenshot / YouTube

Adult film star Stormy Daniels chimed in on the topic as well.

A whole lot of memes

Dog with computer

Pixabay / Martine Auvray

The Lincoln Project ad also brought out the meme-makers…

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