‘The most damning data ever concerning Trump’: Twitter users spread shocking chart of his COVID-19 failure

A photograph of Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump at a podium.

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Diplomat Michael McFaul tweeted a graph of US coronavirus cases to demonstrate what “might be the most damning data ever concerning Trump’s leadership.”

A comparison of the COVID-19 infection curves of the US and EU show a parallel in the upward trajectory, but the EU’s curve dropped off and then remained at a low level. The response of Europe’s leaders, and the willingness of their citizens to follow restrictions, have brought the EU’s case numbers down — and kept them down.

But the US has had minimal federal response, no unified messaging, and a resistance against scientific data led by the president. The graph McFaul shared shows the result—US numbers dropped briefly, but not as far, and now they are headed back up.

Twitter users have seized on this graph as a way to show the real spread of the coronavirus, and the fact that it did not have to be this way.

A picture, as the proverb goes, is worth a thousand words.

The president

A photograph of Donald Trump next to his quote, "I don't take responsibility at all."

Screenshot / YouTube

As damning as McFaul’s Tweet is, some think it does not go quite far enough.

We need a new president to lead the US coronavirus response.

Mixed messaging.

US coronavirus information is confusing at best. The Trump administration is saying one thing while top epidemiologists say another.

Can’t blame China for this

A photograph of Xi Jinping speaking at an event


The president wants to blame this disease on China, but you can’t really blame China for what the US didn’t do.

Besides, there are people who might have steered the president toward a better US coronavirus response.

Yes, Republicans, why aren’t you standing up to Trump?

A closer look

A close up photograph of a blue eye


A more granular look at US case numbers backs up McFaul’s graph.

As does a glimpse of some of the individual countries contributing to EU coronavirus numbers.

Wake up, people!

A photograph of a person in protective gear


In the same way that America can’t blame China for US failures, it’s time to take a look at our individual responses to US coronavirus spread.

The US may not be a superpower for long

NASA Map of EARTH from space


US coronavirus response is just one way we are falling behind the rest of the world.

Putin is happy to see the US fall apart.

It’s worse than it seems

A photograph of two seniors touching opposite sides of a window.

Heritage Community

These are just raw numbers — percentages would look even worse.

And it’s not getting better.

No, wait, we’re still winning!

A photograph of a single Trump supporter sitting alone in arena seats.

Screenshot / Twitter

This whole America First thing is still working out, right?

It depends on what you want to get out of the US coronavirus “experience.”

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