‘When a President gives up’: GOP group’s devastating ad on Trump’s COVID-19 failures

'When a President gives up': GOP group's devastating ad on Trump's COVID-19 failures

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Adding to the string of viral ads that came out over the weekend, Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) spotlighted the President’s abysmal handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The group is a collection of conservatives and former Republicans that cannot support Trump in November. RVAT has been amplifying the voices of those who regret the way they voted in 2016.

They are united in wanting the country to move on from this deeply un-American presidency.

Their newest ad is titled President Trump Has Given Up.



Trump looking shocked or scared

Flickr / Peter Stevens

The video got the #TrumpGaveUp trending on Twitter.

Did he though?

An image shows a pile of question marks.


Some users aren’t quite sure Trump actually gave up.

Bring in Biden

Biden standing with a microphone

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Since Trump has apparently given up, some people are ready for Biden to go ahead and take over.

Trump doesn’t understand

Trump with a confused expression on his face

Screenshot / YouTube

But no one is surprised.

Does he have a secret plan?

Woman holding a finger to her lips with the words "Don't tell Donald" superimposed

Screenshot / Youtube

Some Twitter users have theories of their own:

The people are made of stronger stuff

A photograph of the face of the Statue of Liberty.

Pixabay / Ronile

The President may have given up, but that doesn’t mean everyone has.

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