‘Shining City on a Hill’ ad targets voters who feel left behind by the current GOP

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Republican Voters Against Trump has released another devastating ad aimed at those Republican voters who feel the GOP has left them behind.

The video bounces between Reagan’s words and footage of the current situation in America. Flitting between images of the long lines at a food bank, unemployment statistics, and the gross mistreatment of peaceful protestors, the anti-Trump ad is speaking to conservatives in the hope they will turn away from the chaos that is the Trump administration.

It ends with the question, “Has your party left you?”


Highly effective

A photograph of Ronald Reagan

Gage Skidmore/ Flickr

There were plenty of Twitter users that aren’t too fond of former President Reagan or his policies, but they could all agree on one thing, the ad is very effective. The message should hit home with the target audience: Republican voters who feel left behind.

Some felt left behind even before Trump

Obama sitting at his desk

Barack Obama Presidential Library

This ad brought out a few Republican voter confessions. For some, Trump wasn’t the turning point, their exodus from the GOP came earlier.

Grand Old Party

A photograph of the Lincoln Memorial.

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Time has changed many things.

A candidate for everyone

A photograph of Joe Biden speaking.

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Twitter users agree on one thing: Biden can be the candidate for everyone.

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