‘They chose Trump’ over America: GOP group’s blistering new ad goes after Trump’s corrupt Senate enablers

Side by side photos of Graham, McConnell, and Collins

The Other 98%

The Republican-led Lincoln Project has released a new, blistering ad that goes after Trump’s corrupt Senate enablers.

Key GOP Senators who “chose Trump” over America have enabled Trump’s “circus of incompetence, corruption and cruelty.” So according to the Lincoln Project, we need to “learn their names.”

The ad splices footage of Senate Republicans with Trump. Over the images, their names in large white letters crawl across the screen.

The voiceover warns, they will ask you to “forgive their silence, their cowardice and their betrayals” while Trump “wrecked this nation.”

Trump over America

But they chose Trump over America — every time. Learn their names, we are urged throughout the video, and it ends with the somber caution: “never ever trust them again.”

Watch it here:

First, there was approval…

Cheerleader holding white pom pons


Twitter rattled their sabers.

The Republican Party is adrift

GOPCowards ad screenshot

Screenshot / Twitter

The Lincoln Project reminds everyone that it isn’t just Trump destroying America.

‘Racially divisive, incompetent authoritarianism’

Trump standing at a microphone

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

One user points out that this election goes beyond party.

Lest we forget their names…

Lindsey Graham

Screenshot / YouTube

Twitter is ready with a list.

Trump and Barr’s bible stunt was a turning point…

Trump's photo op with the bible

YouTube/ screenshot

The whole incident just didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Tossing billions of dollars to the rich

Piles of money


The swamp does not appear to be drained.

One more time…

These names we’ll remember for different reasons

Kellyanne Conway's husband launches a "Never Trump" super PAC


The Lincoln Project has earned many fans on Twitter.

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