Clean energy absent from COVID-19 relief proposals

U.S. Air Force / Roland Balik

Aid for the clean energy industry is conspicuously absent from both parties’ proposals for an upcoming coronavirus relief and economic recovery package.

Approximately 600,000 clean energy workers have lost their jobs since the pandemic hit in March. Although the House passed a $1.5 trillion green infrastructure package last week, funding and tax relief for clean energy were not included in Senate Democrats’ list of proposals yesterday. Republicans in both the House and Senate have shown no interest in including aid for the clean energy sector, and nine GOP Senators have warned Finance Committee Chair and prominent wind energy supporter Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, against extending wind energy tax credits, according to E&E.

The absence of Congressional action to support the clean energy sector comes despite wide-ranging support for the renewable energy industry, as a coalition of dozens of environmental and industry trade groups are calling for the next relief package to include $20 billion for a nonprofit Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator.

On Tuesday, more than 30 companies, including McDonalds, Pepsi, Cargill, Dell, and Unilever called on Congress to include support for renewable energy in its next COVID-19 relief package.

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