#TrumpHasNoPlan: Devastating ad mocks Trump’s endless lies about his imaginary healthcare plan

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Donald Trump promised the American people that “On my first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to put a [healthcare] bill on my desk.” President Trump has been in the Oval Office for 1280 days, 30734 hours, and 1844092 minutes. Americans are still waiting. #TrumpHasNoPlan.

MeidasTouch released a medley of Trump’s hollow promises to deliver a comprehensive healthcare campaign, from his election campaign in 2016 to his disastrous 2020 interview. The finishing touch was a Dixie song playing in the background.

Watch it here:

Trump echoed his empty promise yet again in his catastrophic Fox News Sunday interview. When Chris Wallace pointed out Trump had produced no plan in office in 3.5 years, the President said, “We’re signing a healthcare plan within two weeks.”

Two weeks came and went yesterday.

#TrumpHasNoPlan is heading to the number 1 spot on Twitter.

#TrumpHasNoPlan, and Twitter is sick of the lies

A photograph of a parade figure of Donald Trump wearing a "liar" sign.


Since before he was elected, Trump was adamant that the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare should be killed. The President has failed to come up with an alternative healthcare plan in the last 3.5 years.

Did the dog eat your plan?

Dog with computer

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From as early as 2015, Trump said:

“Obamacare. We’re going to repeal it, we’re going to replace it, get something great. Repeal it, replace it, get something great!”

#TrumpHasNoPlan, and he doesn’t have an excuse.

But maybe Trump with no plan is better than Trump with a plan…

Even his Press Secretary agrees: #TrumpHasNoPlan

Kayleigh McEnany standing behind a podium


And she has promised to always tell the truth…

Twitter came to Trump’s defense

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Or did they…

Lest we forget…

Trump standing in front of a microphone


He has made plenty of promises.

Trump may be able to spot an elephant…

Trump standing in front of an American flag wearing a MAGA hat and giving a thumb's up


And remember person, woman, man, camera, TV.

…but MeidasTouch has the memory of an elephant


And they don’t mind showing it off.

When we win on November 8th, we will be able to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare - Trump, 2016

My first day in office, I’m going to ask Congress to put a bill on my desk - Trump, 2016

I hope we’re going to surprise you with a really good plan - Trump, 2017

You’re gonna end up with great healthcare, for a fraction of the price, and that’s gonna take place immediately after we go in - Trump, 2016

We’re all gonna make a deal on healthcare, that’s such an easy one - Trump, 2017

We’re signing a healthcare plan within two weeks - Trump 2020

Trump still has no plan, but we do

Close up of Joe Biden's face

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Only 92 days left.

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