‘Money to support Don Jr’s girlfriend’: Amazing ad warns Trump campaign donors where their dollars really go

A photograph of Donald Trump with money shown falling down around him.

Screenshot / YouTube

A new viral anti-Trump ad from MeidasTouch highlights all of the grifting the Trump family has done through their campaign. It warns potential donors not to be Don’s next con while highlighting the $180,000 salaries the campaign pays the partners of the Eric and DJTJ or the $17 million the campaign paid to Trump properties.

While America is struggling, the Don is busy working on his next con.


This businessman has already bankrupted six companies. Don’t be Don’s next con!

He didn’t get here alone

Side by side photos of Graham, McConnell, and Collins

The Other 98%

Trump didn’t con the country all on his own. He had a lot of help from his friends.

Don’t be Don’s next con — Vote Blue

7 signs the tide may be turning against Trump

Canva / PNGItem

In 89 days, it is time to say goodbye to the grifter-in-chief.

An attack on Democracy

A postal truck driving down a road


Don’t believe his lies. Any of them.

Request a ballot!

Don’t be like Don

Trump with his arms crossed

Twitter / @DonaldJGrumpy

Don’t fall for the con.

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