‘Hope you enjoyed the fireworks Trumpers’: Twitter’s best responses to Trump’s ‘superspreader’ RNC speech

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks Trumpers': Twitter's best responses to Trump's potential COVID 'superspreader' RNC speech


President Trump closed out the final night of the Republican National Convention with a very long, Biden-bashing speech on the White House lawn.

Twitter had a lot to say about the event.

RNC 2020, a potential ‘superspreader’

Illustration of COVID in the lungs


America watched — most of them shocked — as maskless attendees took over the South Lawn, packed to full capacity in the midst of a raging pandemic that’s killing at least 1,000 Americans every day.

Associated Press White House reporter, Jonathan Lemire noted on “Morning Joe” that the Republican National Convention was “dangerous.”

He said,

This is the bet that the Trump campaign people have made. Let’s be upfront about this: What happened last night was dangerous. It was in violation of the president’s administration’s own health guidelines. There was no social distancing. There were no masks. The chairs were about six to eight inches apart. Most people who came into the lawn last night — we talked to White House aides — most people were not tested.

This was something that, indeed, could become a superspreader event.

The Melania-Ivanka encounter laid bare the family drama

Ivanka at an event

Flickr / David Shankbone

The Republican National Convention 2020 has been called ‘reality TV.’

But it really took off on the last night.

Twitterati was quick to read into the strange glare and eye roll that Melania gave Ivanka on stage. They shared the clip, now viewed over 18 million times.

This comes against the backdrop of a new book, Melania and Me, that supposedly unfolds the problems between the women.

When Melania’s green dress spawned an overnight meme

Melania sitting in a chair

Flickr / The White House

The first lady walked into the convention wearing a bright green dress — the same exact shade as a green screen for digital backdrops.

It became an instant meme. Twitter users quickly Photoshopped charts, pictures, and headlines about coronavirus on to the gown.

There were also montages of everything from Trump being chummy with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, depictions of global warming, to scenes from the migrant detention centers.

Trump’s speech was way too long

A bulldog asleep

Unsplash / Rebecca Hobbs

The acceptance speech President Trump delivered was a 70-minute long marathon. The two themes that you could pick out of them? Trumpeting his own alleged achievements, and that “No one will be safe in Joe Biden’s America.”

Some Twitterati joked that it was long enough for all the maskless attendees on the lawn to contract and spread coronavirus.

In fact, it was so long that even Fox News shredded the speech to pieces. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace went on to explain why the president’s address was ineffective, how there was “lack of fireworks” and also “surprisingly flat.”

White House as a ‘political prop’

A photograph of the White House


For law-abiding Americans, the show on the White House lawn Thursday night was a disconcerting sight.

While Trump described the White House “known all over the world as the people’s house,” it didn’t stop him from using it for himself and his campaign’s benefit.

Walter Shaub, former director of the United States Office of Government Ethics, described Trump’s decision to have the RNC at the White House as an “abomination.”

While some simply tweeted asking Trump and his followers to get off their lawn, others summed up the feeling in words.

Oh, and the fireworks


As President Trump concluded his speech at the RNC, a massive fireworks display lit up the Washington Monument.

It spelled “Trump 2020.” The ostentatiousness costed $4 million at a time when nearly half the U.S. population is without a job and at least 30 million Americans went without food last week.

Twitter users also shared the irony of protestors clashing with police outside the White House as the fanfare continued on its lawns.

One picture also summed up America in 2020.

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