‘Pants on fire’: Now Trump is pretending that 180,000 Americans didn’t die because of COVID

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CDC reports 94% of COVID-19 deaths occurred in those with underlying conditions. This is not good news.

Even though Trump and the far-right are trying to make it sound as if COVID-19 is not that bad, the new CDC report shows the real devastation of the pandemic in the United States.

According to Axios, the report stated that in 94% of COVID-19 deaths, COVID is not the sole problem — the patients had underlying conditions. However, the CDC estimates that 95% of all deaths related to the virus were caused by the virus. Yet, Trump retweeted a conspiratorial tweet that said that “only 6% actually died from COVID.”

It’s simply not true. And it isn’t the first time the president has helped spread misinformation about coronavirus.

If anything, the statistic should cause more concern. According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 Americans have a chronic disease, while 4 out of 10 have more than one chronic disease. If 94% of those with underlying conditions died due to COVID-19, then at least 60% of the population could be in trouble.

Twitter removed the tweet that had been retweeted by Trump, but a second tweet repeating the same misleading message stayed up.

Meanwhile, The New York Times wrote that the infection rate for COVID-19 reached six million as of August 31. According to CNN, “Based on the top causes from 2018, the most recent year available, Covid-19 ranks third behind heart disease and cancer.” More than 183,000 have died from the disease, said John Hopkins University.

A new Trump advisor, Scott Atlas from the Hoover Institution, is promoting a “herd immunity” strategy. The Washington Post writes that “it may require 2.13 million deaths to reach a 65 percent threshold of herd immunity, assuming the virus has a 1 percent fatality rate.”

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