GOP group’s brutal ad makes clear the only real ‘suckers’ are the veterans who still back Trump

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“Losers,” “suckers,” and “dopes.” That is how the President of the United States describes the men and women who sacrifice everything for their country.

The selfless veterans who put their lives on the line to protect their countrymen are “babies” according to Trump. So says the five-time draft dodger.

Trump is also, as the Lincoln Project scathingly reminds us in their new ad—Un-American. And this ad makes clear the only real ‘suckers’ are the veterans and military families who still back Trump.


“Donald Trump can’t comprehend what it means to sacrifice.”

For this President, money trumps all

A photograph of Donald Trump with money shown falling down around him.

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Why would anyone join the army when they could make more money through corrupt business deals? Trump does not seem to understand the notion of patriotism. Money “trumps” everything else. He chose the economy over saving more lives through a stricter and earlier lockdown. Trump put his name on the COVID-19 relief checks sent out to millions of Americans.

In the ultimate choice, Trump chose himself over America - five times.

Twitter agrees: Trump is un-American

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Many users were surprised by Donald Trump’s choice of words to describe U.S. veterans. A loser, sucker, and baby — perhaps the President was describing himself?

Con-man Trump and his ‘creepy, performative patriotism’

Trump hugging the American flag

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Time and again, Trump has used the military as a “political prop.” He praises veterans when he is seeking approval or courting votes for the 2016 election.

‘I like people who weren’t captured’

A photograph of Senator John McCain

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Senator John McCain spent five years as a prisoner-of-war in a Vietnamese war camp. In 2015, Trump scorned this sacrifice, saying: “I like people who weren’t captured.” His contempt did not end there. When McCain died three years later, Trump told his aides, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral,” and was furious the flag was raised at half-mast.

Trump avoiding STDs is his ‘personal Vietnam’

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The President may never have served his country. He dodged military conscription for the fifth and last time during the Vietnam War because he allegedly had “bone spurs.”

Donald Trump gets it though. After all, he has his own experiences which he argues are on par with the sacrifices of American soldiers in Vietnam. In the 1990s, he lauded his achievement of avoiding STDs, boasting:

Vaginas are landmines…it’s my personal Vietnam.

So very presidential.

Wounded veterans not welcome in parades

A photograph of Trump raising his fist.

U.S. Air National Guard

Trump may not love captured soldiers, but he loves a good military parade. The Pentagon spent a staggering $1.2 billion on last year’s Fourth of July parade in Washington D.C. The parade featured army tanks patrolling the streets.

One group of veterans were not welcome at the parade, however. Any soldiers who had lost a limb while fighting for their country. According to an article by the Atlantic, Trump asked his staff to ensure there were no amputees at the parade. He allegedly said:

Nobody wants to see that.

The White House flatly denied that Trump said this, but a New York Times article ran a fact-check on the source and found the details to be correct.

Trump’s attitude to veterans could cost him the election

Trump sniffled and slurred throughout his Iran remarks bringing up concerns of drug addiction

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In 2016, Trump won the military vote by a landslide. Veterans and active servicemen and women voted for the Republican candidate by a 26 point margin over Clinton.

Today, Trump’s voiced contempt and continued disrespect for the military could cost him the election. In 2016, he won in the six crucial swing states — Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida — by less than four points each. This CNN analysis argues that:

Trump lost among those who were not active or veteran voters in each of these six states. In other words, Trump would not be President right now if it were not for the military vote. In Florida, for example, Trump would have been defeated by a little less than 5 points without military voters. He actually won the state by 1 point.

Trump relies on the military vote. Yet his ill-disguised scorn and mockery of those who serve their country could cost him the election. The Atlantic article and this video by the Lincoln Project are exposing how the President really feels about the war heroes he never became.

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