‘A sucker who got played’: GOP group’s hilarious ad mocks Trump for getting grifted by his own campaign!

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In a new Lincoln Project ad about Donald Trump, the GOP group painted him as the con man who got conned. Twitter went crazy for the ad.

“Donald the Con got conned,” said the video. “All those unexpected expenses, items that went over budget. You really don’t get what they did, do you Donald? The beach houses, the fancy cars. It starts with a little falling off the truck and then more falls off and pretty soon that $800 million you raised did nothing but make a lot of people rich and left you in a big hole.”


Trump spent a billion dollars to go down in points?

He hired them!

Trump looking shocked or scared

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The video made a good point: even if Trump did get conned, he hired the people who conned him! “What can you do?” asked the ad. “Call your own campaign crooks? You hired ‘em! You really don’t think he’s in on the con, Donald?”

Twitter remembered some of the former campaign manager Brad Parscale’s luxuries.

A billion dollars is a lot

Piles of money


The ad mentioned the loss of almost a billion dollars, which didn’t seem to help Trump’s cause. “Nobody has ever spent almost a billion dollars to go down ten points,” said the ad. “You really have to work at that. But when you hire nothing but the best, they can get it done.”

Even the Trump wives are getting paid!

The best con of all

Unsplash / Toa Heftiba

All that money and no results? The ad stated, “Donald Trump: today he’s just a sucker who got played. On November 3rd, he’ll be the biggest loser-sucker in American history. Don the con got conned.”

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