‘The walk of shame’: The week’s best anti-Trump ads

'The walk of shame': The week's best anti-Trump ads

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The week marched onward relentlessly, with Trump leaving Walter Reed Hospital, Vice President Mike Pence debating Senator Kamala Harris, and a massive hurricane came for the coast down South.

It was an even bigger week in ads. Viral anti-Trump ads from the Lincoln Project, MeidasTouch, and Republican Voters Against Trump. Even Michelle Obama came out to hit a home run for the Biden Campaign.

Tuesday, October 6

“This is not normal,” said a narrator over footage of Trump’s ill-advised road trip while he was hospitalized for COVID-19. “This is what dictators do.” It then compared it with footage from Qaddafi in Libya, dictators in North Korea, Iraq, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia.

The Lincoln Project hit the ground running as well, with three video ads released back to back. In “Covita,” the camera followed Trump as he walked back into the White House, with the caption, “Don’t cry for me, White House staffers.”

“The truth is, I will infect you all through my tweeting,” said the ad.

The second video noted, “Donald Trump has been besieged with allegations of affairs and sexual misconduct.” It flashed the photo of Trump standing beside sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein.

“Donald Trump has recovered,” said the third Lincoln Project ad released. “But more than 200,000 Americans will never recover.”

Michelle Obama came out with her own slam of Trump in a new ad for the Biden/Harris campaign.

“The president and his allies. . .They’re stoking fears about Black and brown Americans, lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, and whipping up violence and intimidation,” she explained. “What the president is doing is, once again, patently false, it’s morally wrong, and, yes, it is racist. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work.”

Wednesday, October 7

As a massive hurricane loomed over Louisiana and Texas, MeidasTouch warned what would happen if a “climate arsonist” was given four years in the White House. “Why would anyone be surprised that more America is ablaze?” asked Joe Biden.

“Trump said COVID-19 affects almost nobody,” the Lincoln Project hammered home. “But then he got it.”

“Trump turned the White House into a hot zone,” said the video.

Thursday, October 8

“I brought my Bible,” said Trump in the Lincoln Project ad, “MAGA Church — Part Deux.” Some of the crazier statements made from Trump advisor Paula White were also featured. “God walks on White House grounds,” she said. Later in the video, many leaders in prosperity religion were seen asking for money.

In the ad, “Regeneron,” President Trump is seen talking about his treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. The ad turns his statements into a hilarious sales pitch for “regeneron,” as Trump seems to urge his viewers to buy the product.

A new ad from Don Winslow followed the interviews with the public figures who were at Trump’s super-spreader event and noted that all of them got infected.

As the news came out that members of a far-right militia group in Michigan were preparing to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Republican Voters Against Trump noted that “Trump Incites Violence.”

Former Trump administration assistant secretary for counter-terrorism and threat prevention Elizabeth Neumann said in the ad, “The president’s actions and his language are in fact racist.” She pointed out, “Those words gave permission to white supremacists, to think that what they were doing was permissible.”

Friday, October 9

“Wearing a face mask, I won’t be doing it,” said Trump in a fateful MeidasTouch video called “Trump Virus.” The video noted all the big names at the Trump event that had contracted COVID-19, and then asked, “But what about all the people you can’t see?”

It mentioned all the security, frontline workers, and employees that were also exposed to the virus. “The people who didn’t get a choice,” the ad reminded viewers.

In the hilarious cartoon, “The Walk of Shame,” an elephant gets up out of bed to realize that it had a one-night stand with Trump. The elephant leaves Trump Tower to find that 200,000 Americans died from COVID-19. Signs all up and down the street point to Trump’s failings as a leader.

Two new ads from Republican Voters Against Trump were released back to back. In “Super-Spreader-In-Chief,” Trump’s COVID mistakes were played against the backdrop of Trump talking about COVID-19. “Nobody that’s a leader would not do what I did,” he said.

In the second ad, former Bush administration member General Michael Hayden endorses Biden.

Wrapping up the week, an ad released by the Biden campaign showed actor Samuel L. Jackson discussing voter suppression. “New day, same old dirty tricks,” he said.

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