The duck stamp with spent shotgun shell: All you need to know about Trump summed up in one tiny picture

An entry to the annual duck stamp contest shows a shotgun shell floating near a beautiful bird

Twitter Screenshot / Greg Alexander

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) holds an annual art competition, the winner of which will be featured on the federal duck stamp. Entries feature a live water bird in its natural habitat, but this year, thanks to the Trump administration, the paintings must now include images of hunters there to kill the birds — or the trash they leave behind.

Artists struggle to meet the new requirements to include “hunting-related accessories or elements” on the 7″ x 10″ canvasses. Some resort to miniature hunting parties in the background, bearing down on the beautiful subject of their work. Others resort to smaller and less conspicuous belligerents, like spent shotgun shells or lost bird calls.

Sales from the duck stamp help fund national programs to preserve wetlands. Not a postage stamp, the duck stamp is a permit required for those who want to hunt waterfowl, but the stamp is often collected by birders and nature enthusiasts. That may change now that the images include the subject’s imminent demise or floating garbage.

The duck stamp is a metaphor for all things Trump; an administration committed to maximizing environmental damage which mandates that the beauty of nature must be paired with the glorification of its destruction.

Every nook and cranny

A polar bear standing on his hind legs

Hans-Jurgen Mager / Unsplash

Whether it’s hiding a study by government scientists on Polar Bears so they can sell off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil companies or reversing a hundred environmental protections, Trump spreads death to all the little things.

The usual hypocrisy

Trump smirking

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

The duck stamp is just one more thing Trump predictably damages.

Targeted appeal

A photograph of maga hats

Screenshot / Business Insider

Is the duck stamp being redesigned to appeal to those who have already ruined the red baseball cap?

Why stop there?

Man in red shirt with his hands in his hair


Why not just paint a duck walking through a mall parking lot?

Look closely

A photograph of a smiling woman holding a magnifying glass.


Maybe you’ll see a different kind of hunt.

Political mis-statement

A dumpster full of trash


Painting trash may be easier than getting hunters onto the duck stamp — and it also may be making a point.

The duck stamp, now with more duck stamping

A laptop screen showing the Twitter logo

Screenshot / YouTube

Twitter users look for ways to turn the tables.

Hunters don’t like it

A photograph of USPS postage stamps.


Hunters don’t want to see other hunters or their trash on the duck stamp any more than they want to see it when they go hunting.

No sale

A photograph of a few pennies in a jar, with a few coins next to it.


If collectors are not buying these new stamps, that’s less revenue for National Wildlife Refuges.

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