The Hypocrite-in-Chief is ‘Pro-life’—until he needs fetal tissue for his personal COVID treatment

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Trump may call himself “pro-life,” but when he needs a drug developed using fetal tissue, the only life that matters is his own. And not only is the president using a drug developed using cells from an aborted fetus, but one which is not readily available to the general public.

Anti-abortion fanatics, who usually rail against the use of fetal tissue derived from abortion, are shockingly ready to shuffle their feet, look away, and offer vague excuses for this hypocrisy.

To be clear, fetal tissue is not used to manufacture the drugs that Trump refers to — without irony — as “miracles coming down from God.” But two of them were developed through testing on a cell line developed from an aborted fetus from the Netherlands in 1972. When anti-abortion protesters are frothing at the mouth about fetal tissue research, this is what they are talking about; 48-year-old cells that have been altered to “last forever” so they can be used in testing.

Groups who praised Trump’s 2019 ban of federal funding for research using fetal tissue are suddenly able to find a little daylight between using a minuscule number of modified cells and wholesale baby killing. Chicago’s Pro-Life Action League executive director, Eric Scheidler, excused Trump because his doctors, “were not involved with that abortion that took place decades ago.”

Freed from the bonds of morality, the president is hawking the drugs he thinks are “the key,” oblivious to another layer of hypocrisy beyond the use of fetal tissue. While medications are usually prescribed based on medical need, they may also be restricted because of supply. Drugs may be used only in severe cases because there just isn’t enough to go around.

The United States was able to secure nearly 100% of the world’s supply of Remdesivir over July, August, and September. But even after cornering the market, there is not enough to hand it out like candy (or opioids). So Trump is celebrating based on his ready access to treatments out of reach for most Americans, not to mention out of reach for almost everyone on the planet.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, wealthy people will still be able to get an abortion. They will travel (or be transported) to states or even countries where abortion is legal, or a local doctor will be paid for a concierge procedure. The same way the president has ready access to rare drugs researched using fetal tissue right now.

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