‘Political malpractice’: Top GOP strategist mocks Trump campaign’s closing strategy

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In an interview at the Global Counsel, a top Republican strategist Frank Luntz slammed the Trump campaign for their woeful mismanagement.

“I’ve never seen a campaign more mis-calibrated than the Trump campaign,” Luntz said on stage. “Frankly, his staff ought to be brought up on charges of political malpractice.” He referenced the Hunter Biden story that the Trump campaign has been trying to amplify, saying that it was a mistake to pin their whole campaign on it.

“Nobody cares about Hunter Biden,” said Luntz.

His rant continued: “Hunter Biden does not help put food on the table. Hunter Biden does not help anyone get a job. Hunter Biden does not provide health care or solve COVID. And Donald Trump spends all of his time focused on that and nobody cares.”

The New York Times noted in September that the Trump campaign had lost its advantage over the Biden campaign because of the wild spending. While the campaign had raised $1.1 billion, it spent $800 million already. Interviews with former members of the campaign revealed that it had “developed some profligate habits.”

“It is the worst campaign I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching them since 1980. They’re on the wrong issues. They’re on the wrong message. They’ve got their heads up their asses,” Luntz railed.

In July of 2020, the campaign was accused by The Campaign Legal Center of hiding $170 million in campaign funds by placing the money into firms that were led by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. The accusation included a reference to laundering money through family members as well.

Luntz added, “Your damn job is to get your candidate to talk about things that are relevant to the people you need to reach. And if you can’t do your damn job then get out.”

Even Fox News agrees. In a piece published on October 20, the outlet reported that insiders criticized Trump’s campaign and said it had “the lack of a clear closing message.”

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