‘We can participate in the economy’: The Great Sioux Nation is building a 235-megawatt wind farm

6 Sioux tribes are building a wind farm, choosing ‘proactive’ building over ‘reactive’ actions against pipelines

RawFilm / Unsplash

The Great Sioux Nation, whose territory spans what is now North and South Dakota, are planning to build a 235 megawatt  wind farm that’s expected to come online in 2023.

A concurrent effort by a coalition of six Sioux tribes is underway to develop a 2-gigawatt network of wind turbines in the Dakotas. After years of fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, they’re now turning to pushing for the sorts of infrastructure they want, instead of fighting what they don’t.

“We’ve spent a long time in the last 400 years reacting to various intrusions into our lands,” Nicole Ducheneaux, a partner at the law firm Big Fire Law and Policy Group and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, told E&E. “Now our members have gone to college, become educated, become engineers and lawyers, and we don’t have to be reactive anymore. We can participate in the economy and industry in a way that’s proactive.”

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