4 viral animated political cartoons to share for a laugh

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As the day of reckoning draws ever closer and America’s chest grows tight, here are some political cartoons to lift your spirit and bring that laughter remedy home!

The Grump Who Sacked Greatland

Greatland is the mythical land where people “just like you and me” go to find wealth and happiness. Until they made the “biggest mistake you can make.”

We elected a leader
Who wouldn’t prepare.
And to make matters worse,
He did not even care.

Enter “Mr. Harold J. Grump” a.k.a “The Grump.” He becomes the ruler of Greatland which soon falls into ruin and decay as under his reign: prices went up, wages went down, and shops closed. Then The Grump canceled “Great Care,” so when people got ill, “they spent all their cash, on a big doctor’s bill.”

Sound familiar?

The eight-minute clip is based on the original story by Dr.Thorpe and illustrated by Alphee Messer. The production was inspired by Dr.Seuss and makes one moving and politically relevant choice for story-time!

We Count! A Patriotic Musical Extravaganza

It feels like November 3rd can’t come fast enough — yet, we may not know the result of the election immediately, and this mini-musical shows us why that is okay. “We Count! A Patriotic Musical Extravaganza (in 2D)” is a cute tribute to voting. The 3-minute animated short makes the case for why 2020 will be unlike any other election in America, and we need to prepare ourselves to wait for the results.

With voter turnout and mail-in ballots at an all-time high, it is important to count every vote (every hero, every jerk. That’s democracy!) The video is a melodic reminder that when you feel the tension mounting:

Take a deep breath, chill the f** out, and let them do the counting!

The rousing animation has a stellar cast, featuring the voices of Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Broadway star Barrett Doss, and it was produced by Steve Bodow, (“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”). The vocals are worthy of the big stage, so the cast comes as no surprise! Music and lyrics were by Grammy and Tony winners Benj Pasek, Justin Paul (“Dear Evan Hansen”, “La La Land”) and David Yazbek (“The Band’s Visit”, “The Full Monty”). Animation provided by 321 Launch.

Fairytale by The Lincoln Project

When you think of America under Donald Trump, “Fairytale” is hardly the first word that springs to mind. Yet, this cartoon may change that. Picture those Brothers Grimm type of stories…the nefarious overlord ruling with an iron thumb over his villagers; the “magic potion” to cure the plague.

Now we’re talking.

The Lincoln Project takes a leaf from the storybooks of old for this one. A narrator tells the tale of a man who is crowned the most powerful on earth. He “takes from the poor and gives to the rich,” until one day, a “disease came upon the land.”

“Fear not, he says, for it is a hoax and will not harm those who believe in me.”

The narrator reminds us that in America, “we are living in a story as grim as ever told,” but it can have a happy ending: “vote, and send the man back to the tower for good.”

The Quaranteenies: Game

Do you know the Quaranteenies? This American family is all too familiar — especially the noxious son, who cheats through his game of Monopoly: “I can do anything I want, I can shoot someone on Baltic avenue and still win.”

It’s not rocket science to guess who inspired that character!

MeidasTouch use the tiny Trump toy to show up how infantile, spoilt, and out of control, the President of the United States has become. At the end of the fractious family games night, the Quaranteenies are put in place by Mom: “this is my house not the White House. Your turn’s over.”

Trump gets “mommed” and viewers are reminded: “it’s our turn now people vote.”

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