‘Georgia on my mind’: How YOU can help flip the Senate blue

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America just got out of a toxic relationship. Saturday, November 7 marked a tide of change as Joe Biden was announced President-Elect of the United States. Mr. President Elect (that sure feels good!) promised he would not “divide but unify” America — the United States of America. As the world watched, America regained her dignity and was once again a shining beacon of democracy.

We still have to flip the Senate

The Senate, empty


As it stands, Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris will be the first woman,  first Black, and first South Asian Vice President. The House of Representatives remains in control of the Democrats. Yet the Senate could remain Republican.

If that happens, we will have to take Biden’s promises with a generous pinch of salt. Biden-Harris can dream big — but Congress holds the purse strings.

Congress will need to approve his tuition-free college plans. The new President has vowed to make controlling the COVID-19 pandemic his top priority. However, he will require funding from Congress to do so. Any major legislation and significant policy changes come through the Senate, the upper chamber of the United States Congress. They are like the bouncer at a high-end nightclub, and Democrats need them to get the night started.

Their fate lies with Georgia…but you have the power to help

Georgia voters sharing "I voted" stickers on social media

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The Senate election in Georgia will go to a run-off because none of the four candidates (two Republican, two Democrat) won over 50%. On January 5, the Georgia run-off will decide where power lies in America.

Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will face their Republican incumbents. Ossoff will challenge David Perdue while Warnock is up against Kelly Loeffler. You may remember Kelly Loeffler, the Republican Senator who dumped millions in stock when Congress received notifications about the coronavirus crisis? David Perdue is known for dishonorable tactics, arguably mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ name to purposely comment on her race, and attacking his opponent Ossoff for his Jewish heritage. The two Democrat candidates are underdogs, with Ossoff trailing by 2 percent and Warnock could be down by 6.5 percent overall.

Run-offs are notoriously difficult to win due to poor voter turnout. These two men need all the help they can get.

The Senate currently stands at 48 seats for the Democrats, 50 for the Republicans. If Ossoff and Warnock win, then the Senate will be divided 50:50. In this case, the Vice President will make the deciding vote. I think we can make an educated guess which way Kamala Harris will swing.

3 simple steps to get involved:

Georgians may hold the casting ballot, but you can help them decide which box to put it in. Here are three simple ways you can help decide the fate of the nation:

  1. Download Blue Squad (iOS or Android);
  2. Join the Ossoff or Warnock Campaigns;
  3. Reach out to friends.

Reaching out to friends is 300% more effective than any other form of voter contact!


If you have friends in Georgia, remind them to vote. Every day until January 5 if need be. Ask them to spread the word. Run-off races are notoriously difficult to win. Many voters may not be aware of the election dates. The state of Georgia suffers from severe voter suppression.

The stakes have never been so high. If the Senate remains Republican — under Mitch McConnell no less —  the specter of Trump will be an ugly cloud obstructing Biden’s term. With just two months to go, traditional voter outreach will not be enough. People trust their families, friends, and social networks. Modern technology means we are all a click away from our friends in Georgia.

Help restore the soul of America


The Biden-Harris team in the White House has promised to combat systemic racism, protect America’s “dreamers,” and ‘restore the soul of America.’ Voters in Georgia may choose not to participate in the election. Many may be disillusioned with politics (understandable after the circus last four years). Your engagement, discussion, outreach, and sending a virtual “we’re here for you” to Georgia can sway the balance and bring about real change.

Let’s look at our smartphones and think like Ray Charles by keeping Georgia on our minds.

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