‘Emily Murphy is a traitor’: New MeidasTouch ad has Twitter calling for the GSA official’s head


The craziness of the 2020 election has catapulted a once little-known agency in to the national spotlight, the General Services Administration. The GSA is suddenly on everyone’s mind because the Trump-appointed head of the agency, Emily Murphy, is holding up the presidential transition process.

Although it has been 11 days since Joe Biden surpassed 270 electoral votes, Murphy is still refusing to certify him as the winner of the presidential race. Her stalling is actually hindering the transition process because, without her signature, the money that his team needs to launch is unavailable. In addition, the Trump admin has decided they won’t give Biden any intelligence briefings until the GSA makes it official.

Murphy’s failure to do her job earned her the MeidasTouch treatment.


The media group asks everyone to “tell Emily Murphy to sign the papers!”

Twitter was here for it.

She reminds me…

lightbulb lying on a piece of wood


Murphy’s actions have many Twitter users strolling down memory lane.

Too much power

alan9187 / Pixabay

Some people wonder why a single person has the power to put the brakes on the transition process.

What happens when you need a new job?


Twitter doesn’t have much hope for Murphy’s post-Trump job prospects.

Sign the papers

A pen signing a piece of paper


People all across the country are reminding Murphy of her duties and demanding that she sign the papers.

Ready for charges

Person being handcuffed


There are plenty of people ready to see Murphy slapped with a few charges for her obstruction.

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