‘Rising GOP millennial star?’ Trump-backed, Hitler-loving Madison Cawthorn is the worst

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Madison Cawthorn, the newly elected US Representative from North Carolina, spends a lot of time claiming not to be a bigot. He seems to spend the rest of the time looking like one. Cawthorn bears a striking resemblance to a Hitler youth. And this may be one book you can judge by the cover.

During his campaign, Madison Cawthorn’s website criticized journalist Thomas Fiedler for his “work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.” Cawthorn removed the content, saying he should have paid more attention to his own campaign website.

“I regret if anyone ever thinks I will judge them based on the color of the skin,” Cawthorn stated. “I hate white supremacists.” For proof of his deep and abiding hatred of white supremacists, here is Madison Cawthorn enjoying some time at Eagles Nest, Adolf Hitler’s vacation home.

Cawthorn refers to Hitler as “the Führer,” which means ‘leader’ or ‘guide.’ Not exactly a stinging sobriquet for the ultimate white supremacist. But Madison Cawthorn has his own troubled relationship with people of Jewish faith. By his own admission, he struggles to relate to Jews whom he cannot convert to Christianity.

By the way, if you are a little creeped out by the post-revolutionary era flag-art because you think white dudes might use this to signal their admiration for a period of American history that embraced slavery, well, you’re not wrong.

Cawthorn also refers to Affirmative Action and plans for reparations as “racist.” On a personal level, his college peers describe him as a vandal, a liar, and a sexual predator.

At 25 years old, perhaps his age is the reason Madison Cawthorn likes to position himself as the conservative antidote to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It certainly is not his robust policy discussion, which seems limited to “pro-Trump, pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment.” (Interesting how those last two often travel hand-in-hand.)

Even his victory celebration seemed a bit lean in terms of governance.

Now, Cawthorn does have a strong story. Partially paralyzed in a car crash, Madison Cawthorn has built a public persona on his narrative of overcoming that tragedy. In his version, Cawthorn dragged himself from the car after being abandoned by its other occupant. But Cawthorn’s father is quoted as saying the other man actually saved Cawthorn, by pulling his unconscious body from the burning wreck. Cawthorn claims he vowed to his doctors that he would be at the Naval Academy to play football, but apparently he was never headed to the Academy in the first place.

Triumph over adversity is always a compelling story. And let’s be honest; being paralyzed in a car accident and rising to hold public office instead of sinking into crippling depression is a triumph. So why lie about it?

And what else is he lying about?

It’s not like Madison Cawthorn is the only accused predator or white supremacist ever elected — or even elected recently. There seems to be a depressing lack of requirement for decency among GOP leadership. So the question now is, if he is denying things he does not have to, what else is Madison Cawthorn hiding?

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