‘Melania must be pissed’: Twitter goes wild as the official Christmas Tree arrives at White House

Melania standing in front of the christmas tree delivery

Screenshot / YouTube

Christmas came early in America this year! Most Americans will be getting what they wished for: Biden as 46th President of the United States. Perhaps Melania’s Christmas wish will come true too — now that she can finally divorce her husband?

FLOTUS’ mind may be on other things at the moment. On Monday, the long-anticipated White House Christmas Tree was delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An 18.5-footer brought from West Virginia.

For Melania and the world, it was a large ugly reminder of her infamous “Who gives a f** about Christmas?” rant that was leaked earlier this year.

The official message…

…and Twitter’s translations

A laptop screen showing the Twitter logo

Screenshot / YouTube

The White House can put out whatever message it likes, Twitter is ready to read between the lines

A Merry Slovenian Christmas

Christmas presents stacked up on a white counter


In Melania’s defense, she is Slovenian. Christmas in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry that consumes the nation from mid-November until the end of the year. Americans spend on average 942 dollars a year on Christmas gifts.

In Slovenia, Christmas trees were originally hung upside down from the ceiling. In parts of the country on Christmas Eve, a tree stump or yule log is burnt through the night from the pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Depending on the region, traditional Christmas food may include fritters, dried cod, and fruit bread.

In fact, Slovenia has a rich history of celebrating this holiday, perhaps Melania could incorporate some of her home culture into the White House?

Perhaps that’s why she went for Ariana Grande’s look?

‘I don’t really care, do U?’

The infamous green jacket worn by FLOTUS

Screenshot / YouTube

The American Christmas is alien to Melania, and as FLOTUS has revealed in her secret conversations with a friend, the First Lady is alien to helping out at Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas (and immigrant children), Melania’s coat says it all. She “doesn’t really care, do [you]?”.

Melania’s Christmas decorations

melania with her red Christmas trees

Flickr / The White House

Twitter had a field day guessing what theme the First Lady would choose for her final White House Christmas. The satirical publication The Onion tweeted an earlier joke about Melania hanging a badger over the fireplace.

Melania’s Christmas came early

Trump and Melania giving a holiday address

Screenshot / Twitter

The First Lady joined millions of Americans in celebrating Christmas early this year.

Perhaps in light of the tidings of joy, she will get into the Christmas spirit this year after all? She will be off the hook for doing the Christmas decorations soon anyway.

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