‘I have never been so sick in my life’: Rebekah Jones exposes truth, is jailed, contracts COVID-19


Today, the United States welcomed a new President who vowed to lead with “science and truth.” Yet, the story of Rebekah Jones in Florida shows that the legacy of Biden’s predecessor — who took the opposite approach — had grave consequences.

Her punishment for refusing to fudge the coronavirus numbers for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis?  A charge and now a potentially life-threatening disease.

Jones refused to fudge the real COVID-19 numbers.

Rebekah Jones is the Florida whistleblower who accused the state of downplaying the pandemic. The former data analyst says she lost her job after refusing to publish incorrect figures.

She turned herself in days after the Florida Police issued a warrant for her arrest.

Mother of two tests positive for COVID-19

Jones turned herself in on Sunday on a charge of “offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks and electronic devices.” On Monday, Jones was released on bail from Leon County Detention Facility.

The scientist and mother of two tested positive for COVID-19 while in jail.

Jones has spoken openly about her experience of COVID-19. She has suffered blurred vision and said, “I have never been so sick in my life.”

Jones and her family were victims of a violent police raid

On Dec. 7 of last year, Florida police raided the home of Jones. Footage of the raid appears to show police officers pointing guns up the stairs, where her two children were.

Jones is ‘censored by the state of Florida until further notice.’

Jones has since filed a lawsuit, accusing these officials of violating her First Amendment rights and unlawfully seizing her cell phone and computers in the raid.

This scientist refuses to be silenced by the state

Jones explained that she turned herself into the Florida police “to protect my family from continued police violence, and to show that I’m ready to fight whatever they throw at me, I’m turning myself in to police in Florida Sunday night.”

In the same tweet, she said, “The Governor will not win his war on science and free speech. He will not silence those who speak out.”

Censorship ‘is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information’

Jones has slammed the “bogus charges,” which she alleges were to silence and jail her for being a “scientist critical of the government.”

Jailed for exposing the state’s hidden death tolls

The Rebekah Jones case is full of holes. The justification for the violent raid on her home was a message traced to her IP address.

In the Nov. 10 message, the scientist warned state officials of the critical situation of COVID-19 that was being covered up: “It’s time to speak up before another 17,000 people are dead.”

The message allegedly continued: “You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.”


A president who is not scared of science

Today, Joe Biden has become the 46th President of the United States. Hopefully, the days of corrupt state officials silencing scientists and massaging the ugly truth will be an unfond memory.

Biden has pledged to make controlling the pandemic a priority.

We have two words for the President: Rebekah Jones.

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