Trump is the worst president in U.S. history

Trump during the 60 minutes interview

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Sorry MAGA mob, but Donald J. Trump will go down in history as the worst President in U.S. history. And when you’re (quite possibly) the worst person in U.S. history, the title of worst president is a slam-dunk. Never has someone who had been given so much done so little for so many.

Even before Trump was sworn in, he created chaos, declaring that he had also won the popular vote despite Hillary Clinton collecting over three million more ballots. Oh, but those three million votes were illegal immigrants and fraud and shouldn’t have counted. Trump then formed a task force to investigate, and they found nothing. Again, this is how he behaved while Obama was still president.

And back then, he was on his best behavior. Remember that presidential oath-thing to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?” He did the opposite of that.

The whiner in chief

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He whined about his inauguration size.

He coddled dictators and offended allies.

In five years, he believed Putin over our FBI, CIA, and DOJ.

He was a serial liar. The Washington Post counted over 30,000 of them. Daniel Dale actually made a living tracking and exposing his lies for four years.

Jobs? He’s the first president since World War II to leave the office with fewer jobs than when he started. Over 3,000,000 fewer for those fans of numbers.

He whined when he won (2016), so it was no surprise when the sulky orange man refused to concede when he lost.

Although no new foreign wars occurred on his watch, he started a cold civil war in America. Trump pitted red states vs. blue, black and brown people vs. white.

He abandoned our allies, the Kurds, and left them vulnerable.

He was impeached twice, and it should have been double that number.

His admiration and encouragement for white supremacists led to Charlottesville, The Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, and Kyle Rittenhouse.

His politicization of masks, lack of empathy for the sick, and his raging incompetence and indifference led to over 400,000 Americans’ deaths to the coronavirus.

His incendiary tweets nearly got the Governor of Michigan killed by domestic terrorists. His incendiary speech almost got his Vice President hanged during the attempted Capitol Hill coup.

He did what was best for Trump. He ignored the emoluments clause, cheated on his taxes, stole money from the American people, and doled out PPP stimulus funds to cronies who didn’t need it.

He peddled pardons as if he were selling fake Rolex’s on the street.

He made his followers doubt democracy.

He antagonized our allies and sucked up to our enemies.

He demonized the free press.

He turned the military on American citizens so that he could do a photo-op holding a Bible.

He made a mockery of the sacred tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

Even with control of the House, Senate, and Department of Justice for most of his term, the number of Trump’s inner-circle indicted and imprisoned remains almost comically high.

He thought he belonged on Mount Rushmore? I happen to agree. As long as he climbed to the top and jumps.

Yes, there were other awful presidents


Woodrow Wilson was a glorified racist. Herbert Hoover wrecked our economy and led us into the Great Depression. W. Bush tried to weaken our civil liberties. Donald J. Trump managed all three of these horrible things in a single term. He was quite the multi-tasker.

Comparisons to Nixon are laughable. Watergate is a mosquito-sized crime compared to the woolly mammoth-sized criming of the Trump family.

Warren Harding’s Teapot Dome Scandal wouldn’t have even cracked Trump’s top hundred scandals. Bribery? Everything Trump does is transactional, from the quid pro quo in Ukraine to having Rudy work for him for free.

Donald J. Trump certainly didn’t Make America Great Again.

Hopefully, Joe Biden can still make that happen.

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