Soon there could be a new fascist dictator to appease the minds of 74M Americans with warm, fuzzy hate spewed lies

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Despite the overwhelming evidence that Trump incited the riot that dimmed the light of democracy, Trump was acquitted. As we teach our kids, sometimes life is not fair, but we must find a way to press on.

Many Americans think there is no way out. Some believe the future is bright. Others live inside the warm embrace of QAnon and the alternate version of reality that Q spews out day after day.

We have 74 million Americans who voted for Trump in 2020. They still hang onto his every word, thinking that he’s their savior. Those same people are just biding their time until a new and improved version of a fascist dictator rolls around who will fill their heads with warm and fuzzy hate-filled lies about Democrats and our supposed obsession with making the U.S. like Venezuela or Cuba.

President Biden is all too aware that he must take bold action. And there are hopeful signs that he is doing just that with programs like the Climate Civilian Corps (CCC) that is modeled after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps. He knows that putting people back to work is an essential first step in the right direction.

The CCC program plus educational programs on digital literacy will begin to move our nation in the right direction. Biden’s return to the world stage is also another positive step.

But there’s a lot more than this administration will have to tackle in the next 90 days to clean up the mess that Trump created. And we all have a very important part to play by continuing to hold those accountable who are traitors to our country.

We will get through this together, but we’ve got a lot of work to do.

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