‘It is f—ing laughable!’ Rep. Tim Ryan mocks GOP claims to be party of working class in fiery MeidasTouch interview

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Who said ’Stop talking about Dr. Seuss” on the floor of the United States Congress recently?

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) did.

Congressman Ryan has gone viral this week thanks to his impassioned speech on the House floor. And the Congressman from Ohio’s 13th district had even more fiery words Friday morning as a guest on the MeidasTouch podcast.

The latest cancel culture topics from the Right have included a heavy focus on Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. While this onslaught of distraction media is filling up everybody’s newsfeeds, the elected officials who represent these folks have refused to increase the minimum wage and have delayed the COVID relief package voting process. Congressman Ryan is on the front lines and tells it like it is – read below and then listen to the podcast!

Ryan shamed the Republican Party for worrying about Mr. Potato Head’s name change and reading Dr. Seuss books instead of focusing on the millions of struggling Americans.

Heaven forbid we pass something that’s going to help the damn workers in the United States of America! Heaven forbid we tilt the balance that has been going in the wrong direction for 50 years…Now stop talking about Dr. Seuss, and start working with us on behalf of the American workers. -Tim Ryan

Party of the working class? MeidasTouch and Congressman Ryan don’t think so.

Since March 2020, MeidasTouch has grown into the leading producer of viral, hard-hitting political videos on the Left. They’ve built one of the most engaged followings in progressive politics along the way. The work of the three Meidas brothers helped flip the Senate and get Biden in the Oval Office. “Because truth is golden,” the brothers have expanded their efforts to provide more in-depth political commentary with their series of compelling podcasts.

Ryan was a guest on Friday’s episode. The discussion centered on the ludicrous claim that Republicans are the party of the working class. The congressman called that idea “f—ing laughable” and explained just how absurd that narrative is:

The late 1970s, 35 to one, or 35 times, is what a CEO made to the person on the factory floor — the person driving the truck. Now that’s 300 plus to one, or 300 times, what the person on the factory floor is making or the worker is making. And the reason that happened is because the conservatives went after collective bargaining. They went after unions which allowed people to join together and try to balance out the economic system.

Republicans give tax cuts to the rich

Enough time has elapsed since Trump’s tax cuts to understand the pros and cons. There is some consensus that has been reached, that the direction of benefits flowed up to wealthier people and corporations and not into the bank accounts of the middle class. At the same time, if the objective is to balance wealth inequality with America’s corporate competitiveness, the answers are not simple.

Congressman Ryan lays out a clear comparison here. When you look at the total cost of Trump tax cuts versus that of this COVID-bill that has now become law, when you follow the money, it tells a story about where the loyalties of the two parties lie.

Ryan stressed that Democrats aren’t hitting this point hard enough, and it cost them states like Ohio. “I, we, as a party, I think did not adequately address the needs of the workers. I mean, I think it’s really that simple.”

Ryan admits that Trump (while full of sh*t) took that sentiment and ran with it. It is messaging that Republicans do well, but their actions don’t align with their words. “It’s just maddening,” Ryan says. “To hear how they’re handling themselves the way they’re trying to play politics with people’s lives.”

It’s time for Democrats to “reclaim the mantle of the working class”

While politics may be extremely polarized, the country is a lot more bipartisan than the arguments in Congress would have you believe. The COVID bill was supported by 55% of Republicans, but lawmakers are so “disconnected” from their party they voted against their constituents’ own interests.

“It’s laughable,” Ryan says. He also says it’s time for Democrats to steal the working-class party title from the GOP. A “campaign of rebranding” is needed

Ryan admits that in politics, it is all about timing — and the time for Democrats is now, as he explains:

There’s a new worldview now, post-pandemic, because it exposed a terrible public health system in the United States, terrible unemployment insurance system in the United States. Problems with healthcare, digital divide. I mean, all of these things got exposed. The fact that people couldn’t withstand this kind of emergency without significant economic support from the government…. I think we can have a really exciting new political movement in the United States.

Tell me you’re going to run for Senate, without telling me you’re going to run for Senate

Rumors have been swirling that Ryan will be making a run for GOP Senator Rob Portman’s seat in 2022. During the podcast MeidasTouch tried to get an announcement out of the Congressman … but he wasn’t quite ready to make a formal statement, yet. Ryan laughed off the attempt saying, “You’re pretty good. That is, that is smooth, man. But I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”

Ryan discussed the promises of support he has received from all corners: Republicans to Bernie Sanders. He may have shown his hand with one of his last comments, however. Ryan closed out his chat saying, “I’ll definitely come back on when we pull the trigger.” He quickly changed it to an “if” — but we all heard the “when” loud and clear.

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