The Koch family, other climate deniers spread lies to undermine global effort to prevent catastrophic climate change

This Koch brothers coalition claims the world needs to burn more fossil fuels / CC0 Public Domain

Climate science is not a matter of opinion. It is a fact. And those individuals, organizations, and corporations who flagrantly continue to push out messages that aim to persuade us that fossil fuels benefit humanity are driven by one thing and one thing only: profits over people.

So why in the world do people believe in these deliberate falsehoods? Because these organizations are spending massive amounts of cash on campaigns that reach millions of hard-working Americans who are scared about their future. They poke fun at climate scientists and try to laugh off the consensus that humanity is in danger. In a recent article on the CO2 Coalition’s website, Michael Dorstewitz promotes discredited scientist Dr. Patrick Moore’s statement that the “misguided belief that CO2, the basis for all life, is a dangerous pollutant that will cause climate catastrophe and even end the world.”

Folks like the CO2 Coalition, funded by the Koch family and the Mercer family foundation, lead the charge by creating easy-to-digest videos, campaigns, and articles that knock what they call “climate alarmism.” They claim, falsely, that additional CO2 will be a net benefit to humanity. No joke, they claim the world needs to burn more fossil fuels.

Gregory Whitestone, CEO of the CO2 Coalition, even wrote a book called “Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know,” that claims temperature fluctuations are natural and have occurred this way for millions of years. Whitestone promotes the idea that humans have lived and thrived in much warmer temperatures than today since the last ice-age. He says we should celebrate the warming of the Earth.

The fact is when money is involved, you can say anything you want to demonize science. The fossil fuel shills are trying in vain to paint the unnatural spike in atmospheric CO2 as a net positive.

I’m sure not everything these climate science deniers spew out is false, but most of what they claim about the Earth is backed up by shoddy science and clumsily written articles. And if you dig deep enough, you’ll see that the board and staff seem to have it in for climate activists. They take money from fossil fuel companies and then spend a lot of it to spread misinformation and disinformation about the climate.

The bottom line is that what they are doing is immoral and undermines the global effort to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Stay alert. Look at the source of your stories before you post them on social media. And keep up the fight. It’s working.

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