‘I think there’s gonna be hell to pay!’ Glenn Kirschner rips GOP in explosive MeidasTouch interview

“I think there’s gonna be hell to pay!” Glenn Kirschner rips GOP in explosive MeidasTouch interview 1

Glenn Kirschner is worried about our democracy. That’s why the former federal prosecutor and current adjunct professor at George Washington Law School co-founded the Democracy Pledge.

With nearly 150 members of Congress trying to overthrow our election results and the new draconian laws just signed by Georgia’s governor — that will make it a crime to GIVE WATER TO SOMEONE WAITING ON LINE TO VOTE — democracy needs all the help it can get.

It [the Democracy Pledge] gives companies the opportunity to affirm that they stand with democracy. That they don’t support politicians who fought so hard to destroy to undermine American democracy. We haven’t even approached any companies yet, and we already have almost 100 that have come to us that have taken the Democracy Pledge.

‘Voters voices are loud. Consumers voices are louder’ — MeidasTouch agrees

Since March 2020, MeidasTouch has grown into the leading producer of viral, hard-hitting political videos on the left. They’ve built one of the most engaged followings in progressive politics along the way. The work of the three Meidas brothers helped flip the Senate and get Biden in the Oval Office. “Because truth is golden,” the brothers have expanded their efforts to provide more in-depth political commentary with their series of compelling podcasts.

Kirschner was a guest on Friday’s episode. The discussion centered on working for Robert Mueller, whether Trump and co. will face sedition charges, the importance of grassroots projects, and empowering consumers:

If I spend my money on sneakers or ice cream, I want to make sure that my money goes to a company that cares about American democracy. If you’ve got two landscaping companies in your town and one that pledges in favor of democracy and the other that’s throwing money at Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who do you want to hire to cut your lawn?

We haven’t forgotten about the sedition parade

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Kirschner believes that Trump, Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and Congressman Mo Brooks all should face seditious conspiracy charges based on the evidence.

He predicts that “if we let the facts and evidence be our guide, rather than politics,” that the charges brought will be successful. “Because all of the evidence is there.”

The Mueller Report report

A photo graph of Robert Mueller in conversation in the Oval Office.


Kirschner began his career as an Army JAG and spent 30 years as a federal prosecutor. He worked under Bob Mueller and credited him with “how to run the homicide section.”

Despite the criticism that Mueller didn’t do enough to punish Trump, he also remains a staunch fan.

What I can tell you is Bob Mueller applied the rules, applied the law, applied the Dept of Justice policy that says you can’t charge someone with a crime if you’re not actually charging them with that crime. He thought, ‘I am going to get this to Congress, and Congress is going to get this right!’

Kirschner thinks we’ll soon have the unredacted Mueller report. When we do, we’ll see “two redactions that are lifted.” Donald Trump and Don Jr. would have both invoked the fifth amendment, in which case any more aggressive behavior by Mueller would have all been for naught.

Now the good news!

Kirschner is optimistic that justice is coming.

He feels that all the signs are that “Cy Vance’s shop is ready to drop an indictment on Donald Trump.”

He also feels that the Fulton County case is even more cut and dry as they have Trump recorded on a phone call in which he’s trying to steal the election.

Finally, Kirschner believes that the new AG “Merrick Garland is the right man for the moment.”

“Republicans will rue the day that they deprived him — unconstitutionally — of his advise and consent hearing to be a Supreme Court Justice because I think there’s gonna be hell to pay now.”

Listen here.

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