The tides are turning for men like Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz holding a microphone


“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Bullies and sexual predators have existed since the beginning of time. But maybe, just maybe, we are finally doing something to stop these miscreants in their tracks. From Trump to Gaetz, slowly but surely, we have begun to see these monsters for who they are — and it ain’t pretty.

Progress is not linear, however, and we can’t expect immediate justice. If you go back in time to history’s worst bullies, like Stalin, most were excused from their bad behavior because they did ‘great’ things for their respective countries.

Sure, under Stalin’s repressive regime, the USSR became a superpower and went from being an agrarian society to a military and industrial power. But at what cost? More than 20 million lives.

Modern-day bullies such as Trump have the same modus operandi. Progress comes at any cost, although in the case of our 45th president, more than 500k died from COVID for no other reason except incompetence. I expect historians to reflect on his presidency as contributing to the decline of our democracy and nothing more.

No one should ever excuse bad behavior. The fact that Rep. Gaetz (R- FL) is speaking at a Pro-Trump women’s rally says a lot about the Republican party’s gaslighting of its constituents. Why any woman would allow someone under investigation for a sex crime to be a featured speaker at a women’s event is beyond me.

The tides are turning, however. Good and decent Americans are standing up to the GQP and saying, “enough is enough.” New voters are demanding that politicians and corporations focus on our country’s best interests and not just the mighty dollar. The will of the people is growing, and bullies are paying the price.

We are at the beginning of a new era where we are rebuilding our country. And we are doing so with a transparent administration and one that is against misogyny, sexual assault, and bullying. The Biden administration’s only ruthless quality is its relentless pursuit of fixing the extensive damage from the last administration.

There will be more trouble ahead, but as our country rises from the ashes and brushes off the dirt, justice and decency will prevail.

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