‘Trump normalized uncouth behavior’ leaving behind a Republican party full of ultra-right-wing extremists with no ideals

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“The Republican Party has become overwhelmingly so extreme that it’s hardly a traditional political party anymore.” — Noam Chomsky

The problem with the Republican party today is that it has no ideas and has become like the National Front in the UK. A fascistic, ultra-right-wing ragtag group of thugs.

Last night President Biden addressed a joint session of Congress. He did so calmly and eloquently, laying out his plans going forward and what he has accomplished over his first 100 days.

As the camera panned the room, you saw Democrats cheering on our new President, who— in less than three months— has gotten COVID under control. Republicans, on the other hand, feigned sleepiness and boredom. Senator Cruz pretended to fall asleep, knowing full well the cameras would be on him.

What kind of man is Senator Cruz anyway at this point? Here is a long-time politician who still supports Trump despite 45 accusing Cruz’s dad of killing JFK and calling Ted Cruz’s wife ugly. Let that sink in for a moment.

Every time one of Trump’s sycophants does another stupid PR stunt like what Cruz did last night, I feel like I am back in the early 90s watching the Jerry Springer show. I think we call all agree that the entire Trump presidency felt like an episode of a terrible Dr. Phil show where we find out that Stephen Miller is Trump’s 4th (or 5th or 6th) son.

Trump normalized uncouth behavior. On the other hand, Biden’s speech last night was a reminder that the America we all know and love (despite its faults) is alive and well. The fake shock from the right last night fell on deaf ears since there was nothing of substance they could complain about without sounding like whiny five-year children.

Biden is getting sh*t done. He doesn’t care whether you’re on the right or left. His job is to get Americans back to work, ensure that everyone has access to healthcare and that families don’t have to go into financial ruin to raise a child. His infrastructure plan will fix our roads and bridges. His climate plan will move us away from fossil fuels. And his dedication to working on confronting systemic racism is one step in the right direction.

It will take much longer than four years to undo the almost irreversible damage exacted on us by the Trump presidency. Still, President Biden, Vice-President Harris, and the rest of the administration will not let us down.

Godspeed, President Biden.

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