‘One missed paycheck away’: Rep Cori Bush unveils bill to protect rights of unhoused people

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Missouri Congressmember Cori Bush has introduced the Unhoused Bill of Rights. The bill would protect the human rights of unhoused people, including freedom from harassment by law enforcement. It would also work to permanently end the unhoused crisis by 2025 through increasing affordable housing, universal housing vouchers, and ensuring funding of essential social services and housing programs. This is Congressmember Bush.

Rep. Cori Bush: ‘’I sit here today as a formerly unhoused Congressmember. I am outraged. There is no reason we can fund wars and weapons but we can’t provide universal housing and healthcare. The urgency of this crisis has never been clearer, as the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed just how many of our neighbors live one missed paycheck away from becoming unhoused.”

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